“Normal” election and other stories

I’m sure appeal to normal is some kind of fallacy, possibly three.

Notice they never include sources for these claims. I’d have read them.

Do they define fascism like bigot? e.g. anyone I don’t like? With both it’s deeply ironic.

Tumblr – where Chinese whispers go to die.

“It will get innocent people killed” – what planet do they live on? Burden of Proof? No? People die everyday, and? Some are innocent, welcome to reality.

A lot of this is a really bad reaction to a violation of MSM expectations, where the bubble bursts and they’re stuck in reality without a refuge or safe space.

….Many of those turn out to be drawn by the SJWs who report them, that’s why the culprit is never brought to justice. Although I would support that. Lock up anyone drawing a swastika, even if they’re so-called anti-racist. Go ahead. Apply the law equally, it won’t kill ya.

See also: Gay attacks where it turns out they did it from mental illness as a cry for help or their partner did it (look at the domestic abuse stats) and Muslims being insulted according to a friend of a friend’s babysitter who didn’t report it for some reason. …Like you can tell who’s a Muslim by looking at them. Someone big and scary and working class was ‘confronted’ on the Tube by a girl with social anxiety who can’t say boo to a goose and everyone stood up and applauded. Source: lonely girl on social media.


“People of colour are generally not moved by their tears, and may even see those tears as a self-indulgent expression of white privilege.”

WTF are they supposed to do of their own volition? [As in, not follow orders like slaves, yeah slaves I said it, but as themselves?]

Crying makes you evil Whitey guys. It’s good that we don’t cry. They hate our white tears. Ignore the smug mugs.

“White guilt will not change the racialized environment; it will only make the guilty feel better.”

Like it’s a crime. Being born European thede.
And they say committed a lot too. Note the legal terms.

Where’s the thing about Jews? I saw it being questioned whether they were loyal to Israel first or America but nothing else? That’s a fair question over PAC funding and national security, there were also questions about dodgy MENA funding too .And what are we supposed to do with Jews? Talk about them, never talk about them? Where’s the guidance here? They never provide one, so they can change the goalposts and we’ll always fail their pleas for attention. Eventually in any bad relationship you get frustrated and walk away, America seems to be at this point with self-hating urbanites.

Post-Trump’s victory is one massive tantrum.

SJWs always lie.

FYI Alt Right seems to agree on a few things re whites.

  1. white people exist
  2. white people are real
  3. white people have rights
  4. white people have a right to their country of origin and its culture
  5. white people have a right to self-determine
  6. white people have a right to associate or not, socially, without shame
  7. white people have a right to legal protection on par with everyone else
  8. white people are different (see HBD) as are all races distinct unto themselves with many subdivisions
  9. the peoples of the world are diverse (see HBD) and there is nothing wrong with this
  10. these differences must be worked around for the common good and not swept under the rug to stopper hurt feelings.

This is what I’ve noticed from reading around. Any additions, please blog and link me.

Diverse does not equal superior. Non sequitur. Claiming points of true history is not supremacy, it’s history. You’re allowed to have accomplishments and achievements and laud your ancestors without guilt.

Finally. Notice how these black girls culturally appropriate straight Asian girl hair? Maybe Italian if wavy or curly.

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