Cuck: People who voted me out a “tyranny of majority”

This is so Orwell.

You have a guy handed the Tory leadership by a woman* and who let victory slip through his fingers – and Tony Motherfucker Blair on your team.

Americans, you wanna know what John Major is known for?

He’s like a bland version of Clinton.

While preaching family values for the conservative party, he was balls-deep in adultery with a woman called Edwina Currie. Look them up and picture it if you want a permanent cure for premature ejaculation, you’ll never come again.

He is the original cuck for Labour, handing us New Labour with Blair and his ‘rubbing the right’s nose in diversity’ mass immigration policy, with the traitor himself who took treason off the list of grave punishments and nobody questioned it.

Even Guardian readers must be sniffing some of their own bullshit at this point.

*Proof that there are competent women and incompetent men.

Btw, Blair wants back into politics. Have we not suffered enough???

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