Beauty is pretty objective and makes you a better person

Common maxims about beauty suggest that attractiveness is not important in life. In contrast, both fitness-related evolutionary theory and socialization theory suggest that attractiveness influences development and interaction. In 11 meta-analyses, the authors evaluate these contradictory claims, demonstrating that (a) raters agree about who is and is not attractive, both within and across cultures; (b) attractive children and adults are judged more positively than unattractive children and adults, even by those who know them; (c) attractive children and adults are treated more positively than unattractive children and adults, even by those who know them; and (d) attractive children and adults exhibit more positive behaviors and traits than unattractive children and adults. Results are used to evaluate social and fitness-related evolutionary theories and the veracity of maxims about beauty.

D is the kicker. Natural outer genetic beauty appears to match prosocial, heavily culturally-informed behaviours aka inner beauty.

Beautiful people also have higher IQs, suggesting greater overall fitness.

See my link about The Mating Mind. Contrary to popular belief, Darwin accounts for intelligence as part of the package of attractiveness.

Trump is turning my boyfriend into a Nazi


By year two, things weren’t so easy. With the string of rampant police brutality, horrific sexual assault stories coming out, white nationalists infiltrating our government, and growing Islamophobia surfacing, I had found myself side-eyeing all straight white men more and more. It’s like everywhere I look, a white straight male is doing something detrimental to people like me and getting away with it. The patriarchy is heavy, and all of the shit that comes along with it has a way of clouding the way you look at everything and everyone — even the person you love. Being “woke” has its drawbacks, and being conscious makes the world a little more sinister.

This whole thing reads like I wrote it.

Poe’s Law.

Poe’s Law.

crying laughter lmao

2016 makeup: Year of the Chav


He’s brutal but they deserve it.

This didn’t look good ten years ago on schoolgirls. Schoolgirls don’t even need makeup usually, being at the peak of their oestrogen. Concealer for spots, maybe powder for grease. Done. Instead, they applied more paint than a GCSE Art class.

I’m getting flashbacks. By 3pm, it would’ve cracked.

It’s chav makeup the Americans have only just discovered. I haven’t said anything previously because I found it funny.

They spend a ton of money looking cheap.

It allows you to swerve to avoid them.

We have a TV show here called Snog Marry Avoid. Watch it online sometime.

Essentially, it mocks all those LA wannabes. Except, beautifully, the LA people are now imitating them, ten years too late.


This show is amazing, really. It should become a Thing in America. Do your own version please.

The host is in on the joke.

Playboy Americana.

2017? Pointy.

Going by what I’ve seen these people do recently, Asian eyes. They try to narrow them and stretch them out but up, like Benedict Cumberbatch it produces this alien effect. A lot of purple and green for some reason. Orange mouth that isn’t coral, but isn’t red either. It’s like someone gave baby Oscar Wilde a geisha makeup set.

The mouth, however, is very round. Like a blow-up doll. Ideally, a circle, mid-pout. But the brows are flattening like a man.

What kind of parent uses their child for money?

And internet attention, don’t forget that.

Dignity, for a price of a few likes.

1. She doesn’t have a job, yet she is asking for donations. This is the one thing that makes me so mad at her mom. Her mom has a home, food & clothing. She can get a job unlike people on the streets who worry where their next hot meal will come from. Well I am saying she has stability. She can get a job and earn money for Adalia herself. But guess what she does instead? She posts pictures on Facebook exploiting her daughter & then beg for donations.

Note the race of the mother. I’m not surprised. You ever see a European pull this shit?

She’s dressing up her child in little outfits and parading her around like a dog.
Just get a tiny dog to humiliate, most of the bitches do.

I thought this was over years ago but no.

I can totally believe she’s still doing this, it’s sick.

They say about trolls online. The wrong kind.

Remember what I said about female trolling?

Female trolling is commonly finding a girl with an ugly face (mostly bone structure) or bad makeup and clothes, telling her those things look ‘sexy/stunning/gorgeous’ and then watching her repeat them.

Putting any photos of a child online is dodgy. Why continue to do this?
and I swear if I hear ‘raising awareness’… we have the internet, we’re already plenty aware

understand that Adalia is cheerful and happy girl that inspires people but her mother is crossing the line.

It’s a special brand of cruelty to humiliate your own child for narcissistic supply.

I’m against her mom exposing her to the Internet.If this keeps up the only thing that will be left to remember Adalia when she passes away will be tons of offensive images.

There are certain women who keep deformed pregnancies, expressly to attention-seek.
They have groups and shockingly, petition other women to do it too because they refuse to believe nature makes error (well, that’s evolution, really). It’s grandiose to expect your own genome will always be superior to others when the child itself is doomed to suffer long and die slow. That kind of I’ll show you mentality.
Well, you can look up what they are. I’ll say no more on that count.
It isn’t the child’s fault. It’s completely the parents. The child is the victim, knows nothing else.

She’s just using her child to get money and get likes. It’s ridiculous. It’s growing tiresome, and I wish Fuckerberg would do something right for once and you know, stop it somehow. It’s annoying, it’s spam, and using it for profit. Isn’t like a rule or something somewhere on facebook where you can’t use it to make money?

the child probably does have exorbitant medical costs

You bred it. You buy it. Parenthood is an investment. If you can’t pay the price, don’t whine at others like a dependent.
It’s like those adverts where the child is clearly fine but standing in the middle of a large body of water with ruffled hair and a little smear of mud on their face, begging for money. I don’t know about America, but begging is illegal in this country, and should be illegal online too. Emotional blackmail is abuse and unhealthy for the bait too.

Children with conditions need a normal life, not a fake online one.

I don’t think that’ll go anywhere because the female trolls love to signal.
It’s like fainting couches. Who can write the most outrageous crap. Brings out the worst in my sex or I wouldn’t mention it.

Celebrity is bad enough for adults, it’s a curse. You know when this poor thing eventually dies, the mother will continue panning round instead of letting that narcissistic supply go. It’s disgusting to allow that behaviour. Medical matters aren’t fit for public consumption, children aren’t dolls to dress up and show off because your own selfies don’t get enough likes.

Where is the father in this? Are the parents married? I think you know the answers to these questions.