One Jew out, bitching in

It’s a funny old world. The Liberals (Lib Dems) are celebrating booting a Jew out of office (and a Goldsmith at that) while refusing to understand what citizenship is (undivided loyalty).

non-British citizens who have made the UK their home, has told the home secretary it would take the Home Office 47 years to process applications from EU citizens for permanent residency (PR).”

non-British, non-citizen of Britain
the linguistic trickery of CM is very real
when you have a home to go back to, it’s called a vacation
made – sounds like right of conquest to me
if it would take 47 years, surely that is a reason alone to deport them, since they can’t have been let in to any standard?
nope, they seem to believe the emotional appeal is the way they’ll remain, because IQ isn’t real but their SAT scores are legit

give us, today, guarantees that all EU citizens living legally in the UK will be able to exercise their right to remain before the UK leaves the EU.”


You are nothing to us. We owe you nothing. This is not your home.
Gimmedats are the reason people hate you. Whose pocket pays for you?

What is ‘legally’ too.
If your application hasn’t been processed, as you just admitted, you are not fully legal.
What right to remain.
If I go to Donald Trump’s house and sit in his living room, do I have a right to remain? No?
The UK has never joined the EU, we joined the EEC.
What do they think Brexit was about? Having anchor babies won’t keep you safe, they’ll get deported with you.
Or sold to a Tory pedophile ring. (I hate to slam the Tories since it’s popular but these are 80s Tories)

“I travel about 20 times a year and I have been here for 18 years. It is ridiculous.”

Why are you still here? You aren’t even really here then, are you?

“If the government requires all non-Britons to join the non-EU immigrants in the permanent residency queue, up to 1 million could face deportation the day the UK leaves the EU.”

Didn’t they say that’s never going to happen? Isn’t there a legal case?

“The Home Office said there had been “no change to the rights and status of EU nationals in the UK as a result of the referendum””

They’ll regret that.
What do they think the vote was about? Local competition.

“As such there is no requirement to register for documentation to confirm their status,” a spokesperson said.”

That was clever.
In legalese, requirement is tricksy.
It isn’t a requirement you breathe to live, but it’s advisable.
It is advisable to fill in the paperwork and get in the queue. Brits love our queues.

As such, to confirm their status for welfare purposes, the Lefty would also complain we’re registering them a la Final Solution. Hey, you built a surveillance state with Labour, we just inherited it.

They have some other article with a smiling white blonde woman saying how she feels “betrayed” by the Brexit vote. Why? We aren’t your people. You have somewhere to run when this goes ‘tits up’. We owe you sweet FA. If this were Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, you’d get nothing.
What should they be concerned about?
We all smell a red herring.

There won’t be an EU to get back to.
They know this, deep down.
The people aren’t putting up with it anymore. No more cultural cuckoldry.
The brainwashing train is stronger than ever.



I like Goldsmith, he’s an alright bloke. Based AF.

Also, as far as kebab is concerned, we did it first and better. Spitroast hog is the superior flesh on a skewer and our cultural tradition.


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