Could death stump Trump?

“The news comes as Britain was revealed to be among the countries which are “high on the target list” for aggression from the group, the European Union’s law enforcement body warned.”

What? But there’s a Muslim mayor? If zero Muslims end up in the casualties, then forewarning must spread through all mosques in London. Good enough reason to shut them down.

I’ve seen comments of this flavour for a long time now.

“Trumps’ first act should be to destroy Mecca.”

Israel would be pleased.

Let’s say Islamic State (call a thing by its name) DO manage to take out Trump.

What would happen?

They really think Trump is the bad guy, that this is a movie and there’s just one guy laughing. Nope. His power-plays are out in the open (see the genius masterstroke of him v China recently, why should they profit from disemploying Americans?). You know where you stand with Trump. He’s the open guy. The nice guy. He’ll screw you but he’ll warn you first.


What if Trump were assassinated?

I saw this theory first going round on tumblr, probably because I spread it. Anon boxes are gravy.
Why did Trump take so long to announce his VP? He hardly seems the indecisive type, does he?


Here’s /pol since I love luring tumblrinas onto /pol.


Meanwhile, India is dealing with its Muslim problem using some kind of registry system. We’ve had that for years, it’s called a census. Biding, waiting to act upon it. Why else record religion, seriously? India wants to deport them. As if they’re going to flee resources easily. It would be better to pretend there are no more resources.

Maybe Trump can plant some Tradescantia, where Mecca once stood.

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