News – pigs, terrorism, Muslims, robots and ‘fake news’

If so much of the news is fake, then arguably none of it is real.
Why trust anything then? Burden of Proof, lovey.

Going by the atrocious polling data that predicts the wrong result time after time, it isn’t looking good for the Old Media Old Boy’s Club.

Pepper Pig is haram, Muslims demand replacement.

UK terror threat unprecedented, if you conveniently forget we already had one in ’05.

Supreme Court terrified to oppose people on Brexit, Guardianistas concerned

‘a reminder from the Supreme Court that it will not “overturn the result of the EU referendum”.

aka lawyers following the law

‘a new act of Parliament was not required for Brexit.’

We discussed this, yes, it was in an early reading.

“A child of six, with respect, could understand this point.”

No they can’t. You haven’t met these people, they’re always like this. Poor analogies. They’re like 6yos.

‘But one of the justices, Lord Carnwath, said the analogy “doesn’t really work” because the child had the power to disobey the order and go outside.’

Translation: you’re full of shit.

“Manjit Gill QC called for legal clarity, saying the government’s approach to Brexit “drives a coach and horses” through the rights of people who had lawfully made the UK their home.”

Careful, that begs a question.

Note he couldn’t call them citizens? That would be the legal definition of the thing claimed.

The legal Sarkeesian divorcee tries to pretend she isn’t loving the attention as she speaks in a video about… how much she’s hiding, basically.

“The government maintains it has the right to trigger Brexit without seeking Parliament’s authorisation, but lost last month’s High Court case, leading to the landmark appeal in the Supreme Court.”

They always push it up.

The amygdala suppression is intense.

I can almost feel their delusion from here.

Blowjobs for No in Italy

Look at the map and consider the invasion problem.,_2016#Main_political_parties

Muslim courts being inhumane to women in the UK

treating women like animals, almost as if a book told them to.
Nobody is that shocked really.

We predicted this is how the (technically illegal) Sharia courts would operate.
Our own court system must be supreme and unchallenged, so I won’t expect those to continue much longer.

Then again, we said the same thing about setting them up. The feminists continue to hide and say nothing as women are beaten and treated like slaves (a few places in London have been exposed).

Robots replacing Amazon’s immigrants

It’s like that comedian about the immigrants.

If you’re so bad at your job that something without a brain can replace you, don’t you deserve to be fired?

The Asians in America are getting riled up that the Asians still in Asia are replacing them on visas.

MI6 is talking about propaganda….

ah who knows mystery shrug eva green pfft haha

Show me the drone receipts.

Apparently people pissing about on blogs is more important than stopping the Christian genocide in MENA.

Speaking of fake news, I wanted to peruse this with a nit comb.
This guy’s been very anti-establishment with his trolling that escalated into something more but I get the feeling he’d be better served in the EDL from his activities and would be against whatever establishment currently has power. Just a feeling.

Apparently if you believe any conspiracy theory (except Patriarchy, obviously) that doesn’t count under free speech.
What about freedom of belief?

If anything were to increase the popularity of conspiracies. Streisand anyone?

‘ZOG refers to the “Zionist Occupied Government”, a conspiracy theory popular among anti-Semitic white nationalists.’

Funny, I’ve heard plenty of Muslims use the term Zionist disparagingly.

I didn’t know that term. Isn’t Buzzfeed now liable for spreading ‘hate’ as they dub it?

Like, how can they say him writing it is bad but them blogging about it is OK?

“exercising his right to freedom of speech and cautioned them against “making it a crime to express an opinion with which you disagree”.”

Already is, this would’ve never happened if she weren’t an MP (but calling the last PM a ‘pig-fucker’ was fine) and if that selfish Cox woman hadn’t voted to defund the (socialist) mental health services that kept her killer in control of himself. Public figures have different privacy rights, as anyone who enters the public forum expects criticism if they stir controversy.

“They do not have much by way of prospects,” he said. “They have been left behind by economic carnage. When people have nothing left, racial identity becomes their only badge of pride.”

Shocked they kept that one in.

“He is the author of several similar fake stories”

here they go with the ‘fake news’ rhetoric.
Listen and believe, appeal to MSM authority.

“another in which he said disabled babies should be killed at birth.”

so he’s pro-abortion? that’s illegal now? it’s obscene yes but lingerie adverts are allowed near schools.
The self-proclaimed Jewess (she does keep mentioning it) seems to enjoy the attention from the photo, but generally I think this young man was foolish to push her like that. That’s exactly what the Left want to say of anyone neutral or Right wing (if wings exist anymore). You don’t play the enemy’s game, whatever it is. If your opponent is politically cunning, you must be moreso. It’s like the EU politicians, they have friends in high places. The various crimes like theft and misrepresenting accounts especially make the narrative of Bad White People easier to push, as the Government admits white people are falling behind statistically. Photoshop is distasteful and I dislike any revenge porn but apparently ‘shops are legal so it’s odd to see him punished because it included a star of David, which was adopted as a symbol by the Jews, not originally Jewish. Star shapes existed before language, including the Talmud.

“they are not, nor will they ever be, tolerated.” saith the liberal
SJWs are such lovely people. They praise tolerance and never show it.

OT: Calling themselves Nazis though, it’s almost like an historical cosplay. I don’t get that. Why cream yourself in front of a picture of a dead guy? His method didn’t work, don’t they see imitating that will end in failure?

“the whole point of his posts was to aim anti-Semitic hostility”

they don’t use the term ‘monster mob’ because that’s an SJW tactic
although this would be a useful legal precedent against them

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