Turning white women against white men overt feminist agenda


I love how the Zeitgeist is making these people open with their statements.

I try to warn. I tried to explain.
MGTOW is the male equivalent of fish/bicycle. Very anti-natal unless you outbreed as they encourage (deeply anti-white), would depress birth rates further by making the men check out of their masculinity for porn and popcorn games. MRA is SJWism but with females having the ‘privilege’. If men make themselves fundamentally unattractive like this (bitchy by trying to act like a man is an island, gay for all intents and purposes but with sex instead of the other sex, full of so much bile they’re practically calling women ‘fish’), it plays into the feminists’ chubby little hands, because they’ll lend a sympathetic ear and pour poison.

The feminists don’t like anyone else controlling the decisions of women. Like we’re 5.
Remember: divide and conquer. If anyone tells you to divide from your natural counterpart, they want to destroy you by weakening the prey first.


This is a very good website but I’d feel bad pinching most of their material so I hardly link.

I’m fascinated to see what happens in the next four years. Eschewing an economic collapse (doubtful), there seems to be a social decay of the Marched Through the Institutions CM HQs. Everything liberals touch turns to shit, doesn’t it? When they stole those places from Conservatives they were all highly respected, regarded and high quality. Now? Well, look at all the scandals. Personally, mixing the schools by sex is a bad idea, it’s a distraction. It may work at primary level but no later. Earlier female puberty would explain the strange maths outcomes.

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