The hypocrisy of Yellow Fever

I think this is pol.


inb4 Muh SE Asian IQ!
Mostly nurture, mostly maths education, a select few types of Asian only. Really it’s like the Chinese studying the genetics of IQ, they’re selecting for autism (the men probably already have to think mating strategy should be based on a grade, it’s a school grade writ large and ASIANS CHEAT*). Due to their caste system, a white man will never be able to marry those quality ones. They lock you out too. If you have to play a new sport, you were a failure at the old one.

Same guys who carp on about feminists being fat, while holding at least three whole stone on their stomach.**
They do this on video. They know we can see them. I think I know why you can only attract those ‘feminazis’ dude… leagues exist, but they don’t know they’re being ripped off (less than their value in their head) in a foreign culture’s league. They can’t distinguish the faces and the class structures well enough. Boy, are they in for a shock.

Epigenetics is more important than genetics when it comes to weight. Your kids will be fat, if you’ve been fat prior to conceiving them. Marrying a woman with the body of a little girl*** (slag off Scarlett Johansson all you want for Ghost in the Shell, you will never, ever find an Asian woman with that voluptuous, womanly hourglass figure, they do not exist without surgery) won’t change your own doritos and diet cola DNA. Since you probably definitely like anime and that’s their culture or at least Asian, they’ll get heavily into it as well. Good luck selling them on identity politics when they don’t have an identity as ‘mixed’. Oh, they might become SJWs when frustrated by their dating life, lucky you. Have fun trying not to raise the next embittered, angry at all white blonde women Elliot Rodger. And he wasn’t even ugly. Still a social failure, and he was rich and thin. Welcome to the real world, Neo. These are facts.

If she is using you for your sperm/house, and she divorces you, good luck expecting any mercy from a furious dragon, one raised to think of you as the asshole that bombed/attacked her people (Oriental revenge is like Muslim, it travels down for centuries). The most callous white woman has more sympathy than an Asian woman in divorce court, I’ll be willing to bet most of those Terrible Divorce stories, that you read about in sad text posts, if you looked at the picture, it’d be an Asian woman. We all know about green card ones. They never post pictures of the ex-wife, do they? They know the reader will assume it was a white woman, you have to explicitly ask and they’re hesitant to admit it because I told you so is the rational response.  You can’t leave your league … or it will leave you.

Speaking of traditional, they do know Asian cultures are matriarchal, right? White women are the least conniving (proof below, at least physical deception) of all the races, as I’ve explained before. The Asian girls fake femininity**** itself (and even pupil size, how is that not worse than cheating with fake tan?) and have you seen what you’ve got waiting for you in middle age, what an aged Asian looks like? You don’t buy the calf, you buy the cow.
Conniving. They don’t even need to be female. Cheek swab for a chromosome test on a first date?

Look at it. Study this until it’s burned in your brain the next time the media tries to push Asian women as more European (in beauty) – than Europeans.
Suuuuuure, man. O.K.
I guess that’s why they get so much surgery on their eyes. Because they don’t hate themselves or wanna trick anyone.

What you want to marry, guys. Even Asian men wished they looked like that, that’s why they draw them.
Google ‘Asian girl makeup transformation’ and browse a few hours, it’s cleansing.

They don’t know the culture, they don’t know any of this.
What do they know? Anime.


She won’t be a schoolgirl forever. She’ll be a worse tiger mom than any LA white bitch, and she won’t even be hot. At least black women mellow out with age, those guys are forward planners. Have you seen a chill Asian woman over 35? Have you seen one that didn’t turn into a raisin at menopause? When they ‘travel’ to these countries, they only look at the prime, early peak (spoiled) ages, 15-25. They don’t look at the older women, men have a known blindness to this. Joke’s on them, aside from having children with psychiatric issues because their parents hate themselves (I’ve linked to those heartbreaking stories before), who won’t be able to date/mate with anyone other than other Mixed Race (that means black, your grandkids will probably be black), they’ll be stuck with a woman from a foreign culture they didn’t take one month to learn about and observe, who’ll dominate him so hard that he begs for death.

I encourage them, once they’ve left the white gene pool, to stay out.

I heard it once from a very blunt Chinese man “once you go rice hat, they don’t want you back.”
By all means, show off your Asian waifu. Please, warn us in advance to avoid you.

Worst of all, those kids will be UGLY. Have you seen those kids? This isn’t even a race thing, they just look like their parents. It’s just that their parents were ugly so the children look deformed. Like you warped their face in photoshop. Look it up, look around at a heavy traffic area, you’ll see it. You think they’ll reproduce, really?

*Yes that applies to sexual cheating, once her Asian duty is done by giving birth and she doesn’t need your dick anymore (Asian husbands are severely under-sexed, explaining the creepy porn, they’re obligated to produce children, not to screw). But if they’re so smart, why is cheating epidemic in Asia just to match European Uni standards…? Riddle me that, motherfucker. Indian girls are the smart Asians, but I have a feeling they’d be disgusted at the idea of marrying one (they prefer the also fake hairless look for some porn strange porn reason). Confuse sexual beauty for childlike and pervert Darwin to do it. Object when you call this creepy. Not an insult, a description.

**Have you noticed the bitchiest commentators slagging off short hair (hello Hepburn) as ugly, are themselves ugly, constantly sweating on the face (bad diet) and very, very bald?

***The irony being that the feminists are in a better genetic position, since playing the racial roulette is a high risk strategy for attractive children, you get very stacked odds against. A very masculine woman and a very feminine man can have highly attractive children, unlike the kid with some name after an anime character whose eyes look like that super-high cat look the drag queens do. You have to see it, to see what I mean but it’s uncanny valley, like a half-Asian Cumberbatch but more alien. The slightest bit of fat on their face, and it’s even worse, the eye narrowing is plain weird to watch with Western double lids.

**** They have to be really girly, or their little girl looks would seem incongruent and creepy to you. It’s an act and it disappears once she gets what she wanted (usually a ring on it). Watch the way her mother chides her father in a quiet moment for breathing, it’s worse than any Shakespearean shrew, that’s waiting for you.

They deserve all they get. They didn’t listen, let them learn.
go on moss popcorn

I’ll peace out with two images for the It’s Not So Bad crowd.

My personal favourite.

Continue to look down on ‘white trash’.

7 responses to “The hypocrisy of Yellow Fever

  1. It would have been wise for those naive white men to check if the country they were marrying in to had been conquered by Britain in the last few hundred years. The Asians remember! Especially the Chinese. And some of those pictures are truly an abomination from hades itself….

    • her*
      How is not instantly trusting anyone the same as hatred? Common sense, you’d think?
      They say we smell of milk. We do. That’s fine. Pointing out differences is just sane.
      Is that really the best you can come up with?
      Oh, they’ve watched some really famous cartoons, they’re basically half-Asian now?

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