Communism hates women: Red Army rapes

Look up the Little Black Book of Communism.

It’s funny how in the age of “every woman who claims to be raped should be believed”, they overlook women forced to sign legal waivers because their stories were so ‘fake’.

How any woman can sympathize with these monsters is beyond me. But hey, r-types gonna r.

R for rape.

“”Having always in the past slightly pooh-poohed the idea that most men are potential rapists, I had to come to the conclusion that if there is a lack of army discipline, most men with a weapon, dehumanised by living through two or three years of war, do become potential rapists,” he told The Bookseller.”

Dehumanized. Like we should feel sorry for the rapist.
Because if you killed some people, you’re allowed to ruin, infect and traumatize a few hundred virgins.
Oh lemme guess, The Real Victim Here TM?
Stop making excuses for criminals.

There is no excuse for rape. There is no sexual emergency. There is no asking for it.
There is no prickteasing or she led me on. There is no taking without a crime taking place.

How can we start on the Muslim rape gangs when we make excuses for the scum among us in Europe?
Rapists are your enemies. Always.

It was the WW2 Rotherham, any woman was chosen, especially if virgin or minor. Yes, that includes children.

Imagine that being your first and probably last sexual experience. These ‘men’ were riddled with STDs too.

Even I find the stories so disturbing I needed a break the first time I read about it. Strictly prose.

It’s horrifying.

Any man who claims a woman wants that? They’re a monster too.

If women want rape, so do men. No complaining about prison jokes.

They got away with it, as modern rapists do today. The last of those survivors are dying off now, and their terrible tragic tales die with them.

Sometimes I am disgusted with this species.

White men are not automatically good. Nobody is.

You’ve gotta prove it, by neither doing nor advocating and defending evil deeds and the people do them.

If a dog can understand and respect the word No, so can a white man.
The traditional man is protective of women and children – against other men. 
Siding against the good, innocent women is a great way to get them to leave in droves for whoever promises protection. This isn’t being sensitive, this is common sense.
There are men so sad and desperate for homosexual approval, they’ll laugh at this type of thing and the modern European equivalent… and wonder why women avoid them like a plague.

Degenerates find this sort of thing fun and funny.
It’s evil.

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