Immigrants walk in the road to hijack trucks

Can we send them all to LA. Beverly Hills specifically.

Let all the bleeding hearts take them in?
Or how about Lily Allen? Cumberbatch has another baby, don’t be sexist, let one of these men nanny it?

If you walk in the road, expect to get run over. People don’t go walking in the M4 over here (like our Autobahn, connects to London and many tech companies in Reading) unless it’s an emergency.
I dunno if that’s low inbred IQ or just arrogance. Trying to hijack trucks is bad enough, the drivers are just doing their job but he’s right, these people abandoned their families to Islamic State and refused to stay, fight their ground and defend their own country, who would want them? They’re traitors, useless eaters and criminals, clearly.
They won’t even stay and defend themselves, I know wimpy SJWs who’d at least stand their ground.

They migrate where it’s easy. One row of snipers, no taxpayer money and they’ll all go home. Or at least an adjoining country like the EU’s Dublin Law demands.

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