Video: The Alt Light Strikes Back

This is exceedingly weird.

However, it’s worth it for Milo and Cernovich, spot on.

They’ll regret selling out, that kind of rep hasn’t the longevity for a career.

Do they really think the world is gonna stop here? Where they’re comfortable?

Everyone gives Milo shit for his taste in men but Juice Bro’s taste in women is much worse.

If science triggers you so much, become an SJW.

Banning certain subjects, you’ll fit right in.

If you wanna be soft and get nothing done, why are you here? It’s so low energy.
It’s all PR for dying media. They just want their face and name on TV to make money.
They want to be celebrities, no different than Lena Sister-Pedo Dunham.

They aren’t funny, they’re just bitchy. With no one to bitch about it gets pedantic pretty quickly.

Milo hates Princess Bride so he’s basically dead to me.

I say let them splinter off and encourage them to call it something else, let them cuck for old media and e-book shekels (maybe even that cancer Patreon) and they’ll ruin it just like they killed the manosphere.
Juice Bro and his posse of pussies turn everything they touch into shit, we can’t stop them and we shouldn’t, because they’d lead people to the truth eventually it’s the nature of the beast, but we can sit back, pour a drink and watch them fuck up, blame each other, bitch fight, get pissed and announce the thing was ruined but, like, buy their e-book.
Just buy all their shit and put it on PB, that’s the quickest way to kill them. Via the shekels.
None of their projects last, they all go up in smoke (kek) because they couldn’t run a Girl Scout sale.

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