Meme 2017

By happenstance I heard referenced some ideas from a piece I had written, today, it’s funny when my own work recurs on me because I’m always paranoid I have a very definite signature. I do not.


Anyway it’s mostly this type of thing below and highly prognostic with hindsight.


I forget how I must seem to normal people but I do have a visionary sense of things. I credit it to a diverse array of friends, no lie, from SJWs (yes, I know) all the way to… well, people you’ve heard of, who’d rather lose a nut than touch one of those SJWs. I don’t censor friends, I take it all in and process (not aspie, like HFT). This is the first time I’ve gone through a post to see how accurate it turned out to be.

In essence, if you’re new this year, you’ve already heard of me, you just didn’t know it. I get around a bit. The ideas at least. I might’ve become a meme, in places. An idea, they don’t really believe in me. Hell, they don’t believe in my sex, I still get called a man because girls don’t like to laugh apparently. It’s hard to bite my tongue when I hear people poorly explain my own thoughts to me in public. Especially when some hack in MSM took credit for it. The Guardian ones hurt the most, it was an almost-critical ego blow. Have I gone too far, I wondered. Then I decided to push harder, for the meme.

NRX needs memes”

well, shit, that’s the understatement of this year politically, ain’t it?

“It will be interesting to see how PC caves under the rising number of terror attacks. No country for cucks and mudsharks.”

“Already they’re becoming the laughing stock and social leper for beliefs that in any other time would be called Satanic”

See what I mean?

It will be IQ apartheid. The low IQ will revolt and possibly riot in the streets because they want the high IQ’s stuff.”


“I enjoy warning SJWs with the full redpill truth and watching them walk stridently head first into reality. Who says reverse psychology doesn’t work? They’re like little lemmings, and this is before any harshness sets in.”

They think they find me here by accident. Bless.

That’s sweet.

“I don’t worry about the SJWs, leave them to it, maybe sit back and crack open a drink to watch the chaos. Children must learn consequences.”

This was before Trump announced he was running, when everyone else was saying they’d vote Hillary since she was bound to win anyway and it would speed up the decline.

Sometimes I forget how hilarious I am.

“I dunno what it is about Youtubers lately but they all seem to be half-arsing it with circlejerk two hour plus podcasts of griping about how we ‘must do something’ as if I care anymore for their futile whining than a basic bitch at Starbucks complaining about her latte….

….If I have a pretty firm idea of your opinion on the topic of How We’re All Doomed before I click, why would I listen to it unscripted unedited and filthy casual for hours and hours and hours of ‘content’?…

…Elevating the speakers over the topic.”

This was before the Milo event horizon was reached.

“Communist belief systems caused the modern poverty. Marx is a mass murderer. e.g. Sure, give those jobs to people in another country – where are the jobs? Pay workers in Asia a living wage – why is everything so expensive? There is a winner and a loser and they made us the losers.”

Trump’s speeches about American industry and winners spring to mind.
It’s basically verbatim.

Has he seriously been combing over our stuff? Maybe I’m not a Cassandra, and they have, in fact, been listening to me.


It was the frogs, follow the frogs Neo. Free helicopter rides.

Call me, Big T. I have more. Free. I just want this shit done, you feel me?

I have dreams. My colleagues are hardcore in what they’d want but I want Europe at the top of my itinerary, just basic safety again (yes I’m girlish and no not sorry). The Guardian keeps speaking about us like a spectre cloaking it, like a dementor. The Right sweeps <country> and here’s how memes are the Devil’s prayer

You want a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Well, okay. If you insist, sweety.

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