No ego? Really no brain

Yes, this lines up with what I’ve read.

Of course there’s something or what is speaking?
What is the inner monologue, if not Freud’s ego?

Ego holds the reins between id and superego.

Id is the enemy. Rampant desire. Hidden.

What holds the id? Ego.

Superego can be an enemy if neurotic or misinformed. Hidden.

What holds it? Ego.

You need ego.

Ego is the nice guy here. Ego is never the enemy.

You need identity.

It’s incredible they claim to be a vegan biswicurious lemur from the future, whatever identity, but then go on to claim they don’t have an ego.

Ego when formless produces no identity and no opinions.

Read a damn book about the terms you use. It’s a technical term and layman use is really for overwhelming id and WEAK ego. Ego is never hidden so we refer to it often, it’s observable, because it’s faulty by being too weak, confusing regular people, who assume it’s too strong because we keep discussing it but the force behind is coming from other constructs. Psychodynamic 101. Further battering that weakness with meditation or whatever else will make your neurotic desire-based anxiety worse.

It’s like saying there’s no Buddha. They refer to the individual, idiots.

2 responses to “No ego? Really no brain

  1. BSEG- Classic, signature DS.
    Most people have no idea what words mean. I wonder if they only listen to tone or what? And two or more definitions by context? forget it.

    Was just discussing “Fact-based narratives.” They admit it openly and no one gets it.

  2. I used write ‘the Sun’ headlines, briefly. I saw one of mine on-screen in Kingsman. I was so happy. They listen to quell an inner anxiety that they’re the only unhappy one. They argue, they don’t debate.

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