Link: Self-destructiveness

Self-harm is probably an attempt to assuage the amygdala once the threat has passed.

Contrary to popular belief, I’ve seen more destructive men, who conflated it with masculinity. This makes them repurpose a weakness as a strength, an egoistic thing to do.

There are still men in prison claiming their unacceptable behaviour (including rape) is merely their masculine nature. You don’t really see this in women.

Men tend to make more risky decisions overall, especially with their personal life and career.

It’s easier for a man to be slim than a woman, they have lower natural body fat % and supportive hormones, so the obesity crisis has a male face. When you see a fat man he can’t be pregnant, so he’s definitely given up on life.

It would be easy to take a stab at feminists and SJWs on this one with Before and Afters, but there are many male borderlines that slip under the radar and lose their purpose in rage completely. They blame the outgroup, in this case women. Women are evil, giving him the handy identity of Good. That’s the typical misogynist. As for the women? Aside from the same? They’re probably trying to make themselves less attractive to other r-types.

If the world/Man/Matriarchy won’t ‘let them’* be good, they’ll punish it like a parent, by being very, very, very bad.

*That’s an excuse to avoid the painful work to self-stabilize before self-improvement.

Don’t pity them, it’s a choice. They choose to spread that pain than correct it.

Hedonism (any self-indulgence, inc. laziness) is a very slow suicide, to make everyone ‘sorry’ and blame themselves, when that person finally goes.

They try to leave the world a worse place.

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