Queenie supported Leave, Trump is pro-America

I like the news recently.


Obviously the sovereign supports sovereignty.

yes nod sup Lestat IWTV film uhuh I know

The nose knows.

This one’s to you, your Majesty.

ah yes toast drinking damon ian nodding

She never lets me down.

Bess is bae.


A Pro-American President is meant to be a shock?

A patriotic national leader, the horror!

Next, he’ll be putting Americans before the globalist (capitalist) dream!

Like, people > money! What a monster!

Seriously, I’ll say the same about him as I said about Obama. As long as he’s a good President, I don’t care who he is.

4 responses to “Queenie supported Leave, Trump is pro-America

  1. As long as he’s a good President, I don’t care who he is.

    You are much to smart to think there are “good” ones available. The jews don’t want “good”, they want subservience.

    None of them are good. I have had every election (and their aftermath) since 1980 under my belt to make that assessment.

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