“Is game or Pick-Up a con?”

I hope you came here from a web search.


Some men did not get off so easy in regards to “game”. If you fell prey to the false promises of “game”, please do yourself a favor and cut your losses now. If you bought a book full of fancy lines/routines to “attract women”, throw in the garbage, or better yet, use it to keep the fire blazing a little longer next time you go camping. Also, unsubscribe from any PUA newsletter IMMEDIATELY! And finally, if you fell victim to a PUA bootcamp, you were conned. I sincerely feel bad for you. I almost took one myself at one point and would have taken it on the chin as well. DO NOT use any of the dorky/cocky funny lines you were taught at your bootcamp EVER again! No need to be “Bozo the cocky clown” around women.

TLDR: Yes.

Short reason.

They don’t have results, they aren’t married so they don’t have advice on getting a wife/LTRs and they want you to pay them for what’s apparently easy and obvious.

They’re implicitly mocking your intellect with that alone.

Its about having a positive view of women which enables a person to establish a healthy relationships and not holding any misogynistic views towards women (don’t get me wrong, there are some women out there that are bitches etc). What a lot of guys don’t understand is that women are not the enemy, but rather the beliefs they hold about women, its doubt that is the enemy in their minds.

Women aren’t stupid animals where you recite a magic spell of magic words and their legs open.

It’s NLP for pussy. Vagina isn’t an Aladdin’s cave. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

She isn’t flaking, she was never interested in the first place.
You aren’t ‘banging’ out of your league, or it wouldn’t be your league.

Victims of fraud have legal recourse.

Sue them. Just get together with all the other marks and file a collective lawsuit. Go public in the papers with it. You can be individually anonymous and get your bootcamp money back.

In other witty critique.


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