Link: “Matt Forney is a douchebag!”

More projection than Princess Leia, RIP.

In the Philippines, Matt’s hunky looks made him a hot commodity with all the babes online. He was regularly receiving compliments as he stated in this article.

“They’ll say, “Oh, I read your profile, it’s very funny.” Or they’ll comment on your picture, “Ha, ha.” Or they’ll say, “Oh, blah, blah, blah, you’re an author, what do you write?” It’s obvious they aren’t reading shit and they’re just messaging me because they think I’m cute or they think I’m handsome or whatever, or “guwapo,” or “box office.”” Those are the terms they use in the Philippines. If a girl describes you as “box office,” it means she thinks you’re handsome.”

In fact, Matt was such a “mack daddy” on the dating site, Flipino Cupid, he had shut off his messages and notifications. No, really.

“I had to disable email notifications because I was getting hundreds of likes and messages a day from Filipinas. It’s absolutely insane.”

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