Link: The Male Wall

Mark Paul Gosselar is someone who was in his prime much earlier in life. The first pic of Gosselar is him at age 19 and the second one is him at age 28. As you can see, he’s well past his prime at age 28.

Chances are, though, unless you inherited genes like Tom Cruise’s, Tom Brady’s, or Brad Pitt’s, if you’re past 35, you’re most likely past your prime in looks.

32 was the age I figured for the best genetic specimens.

Wow, I’m impressed to see helpful information on this topic than yet another silly wine quote.

Wines spoil too. Well, rot, actually. Men have a need to settle down in their physical peak too, unless they mistakenly believe they’re Peter Pan. The male sexual peak is 18 according to sexology. Such males like to say the male peak is middle age. Convenient, considering that’s all they have left to snag a wife.

Let’s take a prime example.

Brad Pitt.

Age, spot the physical peak.

Simply search <name> <year> to try it with others.

in 1991

in 1997

in 1999

in 2001

in 2003

in 2005


in 2013

in 2015

Don’t trust your lying eyes. It’s like fat acceptance, they think if they repeat it often enough, it’ll make them hot.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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