…”But when you speak of such gentility as is descended from ancient wealth–so that you knights should therefore would be gentlemen of breeding–such arrogance is not worth a hen. Look who is always most virtuous, openly and secretly, and most inclines to do what gentle deeds he can; take him for the gentlest man….

For though all their heritage of our ancestors, by reason of which we claim high rank, may descend to us, yet they cannot at all bequeath to any of us their virtuous living, which made them to be called gentle men and to bid us follow to them and do in like manner….

Here you may well see how nobility hangs not from ancient possessions, since people do not always perform its works, as does the fire, according to its nature. For, God knows, one may often see a lord’s son do vicious and shameful deeds; and he who wishes to be esteemed for his gentility because he was born of a noble house and had virtuous and noble ancestors, and yet himselfwill not perform the deeds of gentility nor follow after his gentle ancestor who is dead, he is not gentle, even if he is a duke or an earl; for base and sinful deeds make a commoner. For gentility then would be nothing but renown of your ancestors for their high worthiness, which is something that has nothing to do with you….

“Think how noble was that Tullius Hostilius, as Valerius tells, who rose out of poverty to high nobility. Read Seneca, and Boethius as well; there you shall see expressly that he who does noble deeds is noble. And therefore, dear husband, I conclude in this way: albeit my ancestors were untutored, yet may the high God–and so I hope–grant me grace to live virtuously. Then I am noble, when I begin to live virtuously and to abandon evil….

romans 12:9

Whoever keeps himself content with his poverty, I count as rich, even if he does not have not a shirt! He who covets is a poor creature, for he wishes to have that which is not within his power. But he who has nothing, nor covets things, is rich, albeit you count him as only a serving-lad…

Now you say I am old and foul: then have no fear that you will be a cuckold. For ugliness and age, upon my life, are great wardens over chastity. But nevertheless, since I know your delight, I shall fulfill your appetite….

“Choose,” she said, “one of these two things: to have me foul and old until I die, and to you a true, humble wife, never in all my days displeasing you; or else to have me young and beautiful, and take your chance on how many visits there will be to your house–or perhaps to some other place–which will be for my sake. Now choose yourself which one you will have.”….


amused smoking lol haha watching with anticipation

Love. Or, don’t.

Democrat nominee 2020

Bernie FTW.

Openly Communist, at least.

They have one chance to win against a re-running Trump outright.
Outdo him with the only reality star who’d have a shot at becoming Democrat nominee.

Kim Kardashian for POTUS.

VP at least, don’t be sexist.

You can’t get more immigrant-friendly than a woman from a successful immigrant family or more sex positive than a woman famous for her sex tape. She’s married to a black guy, she’s perfect!

Look at the signs. Read the tea leaves, Neo.

It would be foolish to laugh. People laughed at Trump too, when he said he’d run.

Don’t pick Hila-reeee again. Unless you wanna lose.

La Pen on schools

Drive-by shooting critique.

Taxpayer funded institution, paying for legal, taxpayer citizens?

Shocking, truly.

I wonder who could’ve possibly predicted-

“I’d levy an infrastructure tax on school use for three or more.”

Oh wait.

Dat was me.

Like the UK G interventions.

carry on

*hand waving*

this is awkward This gives me hope a rare quantity Machiavelli could be pretty A theme that could be applied to this blog: smug

carry on

You're not quirky. You're stupid with good fashion sense.

I'm allowed to promo my own shit.

I’m allowed to promo my own shit.

The secret to male and female borderlines

It’s often said that borderlines, for example, fear abandonment.
No, they don’t.
They fear their victim getting away.

joker DC smile smirk evil grin lol haha

Hello. This link was bait. There are others too but I won’t spoil the fun by saying which ones.

I can see you.

I can also see your IP sources.
Servers, terminals, ISPs. Those link up. Proxies don’t apply to people like me.

VPNs are an illusion of control and security, a protection racket run by people like me. We have databases to run those services, there are always logs, believe me.

What are you trying?

There’s a reason nobody really cites me. There’s a reason the MSM never touches me. There’s a reason you don’t see many of my readers link to me directly.

They’re scared of me.

What, exactly, are you hoping to do?

Go ahead, Roosh’s lot tried to fake dox me and that didn’t work. This was shortly after Anonymous doxxed him. I have other places and names to travel by if I burn this one.

I admit, my curiosity is piqued.

A flurry of new interest lately and you seem to be info-gathering.

Darling, this site is a two-way mirror.

You see me. Yes, certainly. I can also see you.

Why do you think it’s here?

Lately –

Allow me to ruin you with emo music.

Julien Blanc uses shock induction

I know a lot of people were shocked he was getting away with bending over Asian women in a video.

A lot of PUA videos were faked, this one wasn’t.

Legally this was shocking, he wasn’t beaten up or arrested.


Nothing new.

Nothing original.

Derren Brown does it. Actually, he should make a PUA documentary.

If a man has sex with a hypnotized woman, it’s rape.
There’s no full, conscious consent. Consent is vitiated to coin the legal expression, and since Derren studied law at Uni, he’d agree with me.

Demonstrated here in a professional setting.

Julien Blanc is the ugliest Swiss I’ve ever seen. I’m sure that isn’t a coincidence.

He should be imprisoned for doing hypnosis without consent, as a therapist needs in writing, and without a permit, as therapists are trained to provide. The targets look like minors too, assault of a child would be considered, like the general harassment of PUA videos and illegality of filming I have covered anyway.

They’re con artists, naturally they’ll rip off the stuff that works.

Link: “Is Mike Cernovich a phony?”

Signal boost.

Juice Bro strikes again. Lemme guess, he’s hustling some raspberry ketones?

ugh why no please stop god kill me now rdj tony stark

Maybe some detox tea? He has something in common with the Kardashians!
Don’t we all want that? Don’t. We. All.

From an interview linked below.

“Logic is pointless.” – Mike Cernovich

“What are Trump’s policies? I don’t particularly care,”

He isn’t pro-Trump, he’s cucking for senpai and ad traffic.

“I believe in strong borders”

unless it’s your wife getting a green card

“I’m an American nationalist, not a white nationalist.”


melting pot American, peachy

“Deep down, they want the cool kids to love them. I actually fucking detest those people.”

self-awareness of a lamp post

Cernovich realized that a meme could reach more people than a newspaper story, without having to cross an editor’s desk.

That isn’t a meme. Those are photos taken by a sex tourist. It’s laughable he thinks that counts or they say this.

“Who cares about breast cancer and rape? Not me.”

But he dare complain about the refugees? They’re mostly sex tourists, like him.

“I use trolling tactics to build my brand.”

Trolls don’t care when you disagree. Trolls don’t have faces and names and interviews in the so-called Jew Yorker.

“Lowers your cortisol,” he explained. He poured himself a coffee,

spot what’s wrong with that sentence

That journalist usually returns the favor by embedding a Cernovich tweet in the story.

He’s part of the media.

The article up top? Worth it for this image alone.

No such thing as legitimate dissent to a narcissist.

He tries ‘game’ tactics on other men, like AMOGing, DHV, flipping the script, desperate to get other men to qualify to a guy living off his ex-wife’s alimony.

This needs to be taught in schools

I’d love to see an interview with his ex-wife in the MSM newspapers. I’d broker it myself. His life story looks like Warner in Legally Blonde. Sad!

comment spills the tea

Basically, Cernovich and his wife went to the same law school, where she succeeded and he was a low-ranked loser. She went out into the world and became a power player in IP law and Cernovich was basically her house husband. He lived off her money before the divorce, and he’s been living off that spousal support payout ever since. Funniest part is his recent worldwide trip began right when his ex got remarried to an objectively better man–by all appearances, Cernovich has basically short-circuited over the whole thing and is now live-tweeting his resulting midlife crisis. Sorry, Cernovich, but lifting weights and calling people cuck will never be able to repair your shattered masculinity.

There are many more funny details and this is all verifiable online, but I don’t want post the ex’s info. She has been trying to get the Cernovich stink off her for years. You’re definitely right, though: Mike Cernovich is a fraud, Mike Cernovich is a loser who would be penniless without his wife, and Mike Cernovich is a professional failure who wouldn’t know how to beat a parking ticket.

Yes, women are the cause of your problems. The problem is, they’re smarter than you.

Yeah. Speaking as the guy who blew him up on this issue on Twitter, the $50K a month stuff is just disinformation to keep his idiot followers confused. I’m also a lawyer and was able to ask around with some colleagues in CA and get the basic story on Mike’s windfall and complete lack of a real legal career. Apparently he’s something of a known joke/cautionary tale in tech legal circles out there.

Yes, he is. I checked.

This guy? A role model? Fire up the ovens.

“Meet Mike Cernovich, the meme mastermind of the alt-right. “

This year he’s been claiming to be a face of the Alt Right. This guy.
Yes, he represents us. /s
His steak-flavoured supplement degeneracy is really what we’re aiming for.
He hasn’t come up with a single meme and is utterly humourless if you look at his Twitter feed.

that's enough stop please karen will and grace

It’s lifestyle catfishing. The girls on Instagram are paid to take those pics and go to those hotels, these guys are selling their single materialism, a la SATC.

What I hate about Mike Cernovich and Victor Pride is that they act like they’ve founded Amazon or Google. Those two guys are just stupid dream sellers who live off the dreams and stupidity of their readers.Sometimes you read trough their stuff and think who the fuck do you thing you are? Bill Gates? Elon Musk? They are just a little farts in comparison to those guys.

Okay, I’m not too happy with Elon atm for personal reasons and Bill has always been on my Shit List (Gladwell’s Outliers actually applies to his timing and his privileged logs on the first card punch computers) but please don’t mention them in the same sentence as these dipshits with their male versions of mommy blogs. Elon especially is an amazing role model for men, an A+ Alpha Male type, in business if not his woeful handling of a personal life. He is one of the greatest minds on the planet. He self-taught rocket science FFS. Juice Bro isn’t fit to lick his boots or hold a candle, ‘mkay?

As for Juice Bro himself?

He’s as Alt Right as Milo Yiannopoulos is White and heterosexual.


Have you also noticed that all these white guys who proclaim to have amazing “game” and be “alpha” usually date mediocre foreign girls (mostly latin and asian) who are either insecure and using their whiteness as status or are being taken care of?

In context, these facts from the New Yorker article.

His second wife, Shauna, who is twenty-nine, and pregnant with their first child, was in the kitchen…

Anchor baby? Is that a shotgun being loaded or the cash register for his settlement after divorcing wife numero uno?

Mike said that, when they started dating, “I didn’t take it seriously. But she just refused to go away, and now—”

“I’m married and pregnant!” Shauna said, smiling.

“And my life is over,” Mike said, half-smiling.

Wait, wasn’t he saying Never Marry? This is the second time. And he’s put this pussy on a pedestal and made an honest woman of her? Why? Cos she was pregnant? Alpha fux, beta bucks….

He’s clearly been ‘victim’ to an Oops! Pregnancy. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer d-bag.

She might be the first confirmed case I’ve seen of a Jezebel Spirit.Ooh la la.

I bet she’ll divorce him once the babies are out and take the first sucker’s money. He’ll probably write a book about it.
She’s gaming him and he’s too dumb to know it. No sane woman would marry a PUA without having an exit strategy. This is so funny. Karma is a bitch.

Her parents are secular Persian Muslims who left Iran before it became a theocracy.

Why didn’t you let Roosh marry her instead?

ace comment is ace (ree Cernovich and Roosh V)

Both guys have a backstory that involves sponging off of women. Both guys hide the fact that they’ve never been independent, in order to constantly over-hype the very premise that they are independent and not “wage slaves” but serious role models. Both guys prey on directionless 20-somethings in order to sell them garbage, and tell you that the information that you can find anywhere else is being “given away for free” out of the goodness of their hearts, when the entire purpose is to sell you on a bullshit lifestyle of slavishly accepting their values, casting friends to the side if they don’t share a single-minded obsession with being “financially independent” (aka sponging off of your ex-wife, girlfriends, parents, etc).

And both guys are very clingy to the white nationalist movement, though they’ve been touched by fire, because neither of them are “pure” white people according to many white nationalists. They’ve been dancing around building an audience of broken, hateful, and sometimes intelligent but wholly misguided individuals. If all you can say is “why do you hate their success” when clearly they’ve simply slowly accumulated a following by burning through money they didn’t earn, then you are willfully refusing to stare reality in the face.

You’re just jealous!

Nobody is jealous of failure.


Victor is legit re fitness advice, I’ve never had an issue with him but yeah, also living in the middle of nowhere banging Asian women… like it’s hard? An Indian guy couldn’t do it, it’s entirely because he’s white. They want semi-white babies. It’s a big status signal thing in Asia. Like a handbag. By all means, go ahead and watch as the wall of fake femininity bubbles down, as people like me tried to warn you it would. Have fun raising those kids. Asian women prove themselves in their culture by popping out babies (Eastern), not sexing their husbands (Western, Christian chastity). They divorce once the breeding period is over. Look at the interracial divorce stats. Who’s the cuck then?

Back to the interview, for a moment. Spot the connection.

“I’ve gained twenty pounds during this fucking election.”


“You guys want a snack?” Shauna asked.

Shauna, who has stopped working, continued, “I was still upset, though, and he eventually deleted some older posts.”