Is The Man in the High Castle alt right?

In short, a once fitfully interesting series about the perniciousness of fascism lost its showrunner — because Amazon didn’t seem to believe its biggest show even needed a showrunner — and slowly but surely devolved into plot-heavy Nazi kitsch. Season two looks gorgeous, but it’s dangerous, like a well-designed fireworks display that sets a whole city aflame.

It’s the worst TV show of 2016.


My opinion? No.

It doesn’t go far enough.

S2 is light on Japanese cruelty to make the Nazis seem worse. The Nazis are having ‘doubts’ even though there’s no ideological basis for this. Whatsoever.

They’re really trying to make them seem less interesting though.

It isn’t alternative enough. It’s trying to summon or evoke feelings of the here and now.
That isn’t alternative or history though.

what wtf wut confused shocked are you seeing this omfg how


It’s good.


It isn’t good enough.

That’s not at all the case. By the end of its second season, The Man in the High Castle has essentially abandoned everything fascinating about its first season in favor of a junky sci-fi drama with reality-hopping characters and a bunch of caricature Nazi bad guys.

When an SJW says your Nazis aren’t punchy enough, sort yourself out.

2 responses to “Is The Man in the High Castle alt right?

  1. Everything is so “deeply concerning!”
    Haven’t seen it. Was that you recommending the first season?
    Personally, I’d be shocked if there were any tv shows worth watching. Hasn’t been anything on netflix in years. Mia likes the chick flicks or it’d be gone.

    So no news, no entertainment. I hear tv’s make a good target, but I don’t want to clean up the mess. Flat screen probably wouldn’t even fail spectacularly.

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