Mike Cernovich versus reality


“Sorry you’re too poor to buy an hour of my time.” – Mike Cernovich


Keep hocking juice recipes like a basic bitch. You’re important.

They wanna turn up to plug YT channels and e-books. It’s an advert, for Fake Journalist Internet Celebrity, Mike Cernovich is the right’s Owen Jones, they won’t discuss anything new because they simply aren’t a part of our conversations. New frightens them because it threatens their Patreon whore livelihood.

Fuck, sometimes I love narcissists. That squealing noise, like a piggy, when they’re thwarted by reality?

It’s my Hail Maria.

ummmm drinking oh dear no uh oh tyrion game of thrones drinking

Do you see that unique traffic count? that’s not a hit count, that’s an IP counter

proxies don’t really work either

impotence should be tempered by prudence, the ancients knew this

the more exposure a person gets, the greater their capacity for ruin

people like Mike will learn this the hard way

also, I’ll avoid the easy joke and point out stoics don’t spend their days raging at other nobodies on twitter

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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