Salon: There are Jews who want in the Alt Right


We know?

We’ve known this for a while?

what wtf blackadder

This is some crazy damage control, huh?

The Milo stuff we expect. It’s all personal branding. One clear star – keke

There was a Buzzfeed article by one ‘Bernstein’ that vaguely attacked Peter Thiel and was defending Cernovich, the mud dick guy from the New Yorker article. Yes, that guy’s anti-mainstream… I think they’re using Jews as a cover for generic Alt Light derailing. Like anyone important actually listens to them. Like any of this momentum can be stopped.

Trends are a big, throbbing ball of energy, man. It’s going.

The Deploraball is apparently an attempt at a sanitized, cuckolded, pro-Jew version of the NPI conference.

If you ban the influential people, it’s another manosphere party sausage fest.

The vanishing whisp of principles. I hope Feel moves his money soon. That ship’s a sinking. Never back a cuck.

“This is an ultimatum.” Hold up Cuckovich, who the fuck do you think you are?
I’m gonna check his documents. I have files on these people. This should be interesting.

STFU and pay attention to the truth you little bitches we are trying to help you!

They are being used and they will be disposed.


They wanna turn up to plug YT channels and e-books. It’s an advert, for Fake Journalist Internet Celebrity, Mike Cernovich is the right’s Owen Jones, they won’t discuss anything new because they simply aren’t a part of our conversations. New frightens them because it threatens their Patreon whore livelihood. It triggers them so they rage quit ban people like Baked Alaska. For opinions, words. Like SJWs.

They wanna clap themselves like autistic seals and act like Alpha Male Bad Boys, when they’re all on Trump’s dick. What are you doing there? Fine, support the guy tactically, temporarily, but don’t be weeaboo. Nobody likes a weeb. Weebs took down Hillary with the humiliation of their support. However, this does clear the way for the next candidate, as I said, I like that guy.

They’re gonna pat themselves on the back like they did anything. They aren’t important. They sell sugar pills promising manliness ffs. They’re the right’s useful idiots. All the MSM piles onto them and we get to work unimpeded. We could crush these little cock-roaches under one of Pepe’s boots. They just wanna take all the credit for what faceless people online did, millions of anonymous people, like there’ll be no comeuppance. Like we’re just gonna let them.

R-types never learn.

Even better, give them a pitying look and smirk no matter what they say.

What the fuck did they think happened to Anonymous in the past few years?

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