Islamic sex segregation in France

It’s the Current Year.

“It’s a different mentality. Here, we do things like in our home countries.”

I think we should decamp all the feminists into these regions. Let them fix the problem they caused by importing these coloniziers. The urbanites pushing this stuff do not care what happens when the ratio tips.

Marine is a popular woman. This is not a coincidence. The problem is men (and the breeders, yes, but mostly the men).

No Muslim area has ‘camaraderie’, you’re pushing white NW European values on people who seem genetically incapable of it. You won’t get their women on side either because they agree or they cannot fend for themselves, being kept uneducated. Send them all back. They weren’t brought here legally in the first place, the French didn’t get a vote.

They skulk around like rats until they have the numbers to mob, rape or murder.
Ultimate irony? Those taxpaying women are funding their lifestyle, to sit in cafes drinking all day.

Calhoun’s rats. Too much breeding of the useless eaters. The population will plummet, we can’t prevent that, but only when and how. The mass immigration experiment proves one thing. People are not interchangeable.


Muslim men are such insufferable cowards. They’re so insecure in their own feelings they can’t stand to be around women who aren’t dressed like a damn bee keeper.

True. Only an r-type sees an excessive amount of sex or partners as somehow masculine. Plenty of men just masturbate into a woman, they don’t know how to make love. It’s worse than a porn addiction. A masculine man is still masculine even if he’s a virgin, and there’s nothing shameful in that. R-types are sex shamers, prude is prudence, alien to them.

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