Anti-religion (atheism) cartoons


It’s always got one target, hasn’t it?

We’ll look back on Christophobic cartoon propaganda and Dawkins’ self-referential lies (most [1] of [2] his [3] material [4] is [5] like [6] this [7] if [8] you [9] really [10] look [11]) the same way culture looks down on Victorian cartoons now. If Dawkins snuffs it this year, I think the SJWs would lose it, because you know they can’t find another white man to replace him. He would burn very evenly in Hell, at least academic Hell, for lying about evobio, his own subject. He uses ancient ideas without citing them so redditfags think he’s a genius, then he only references opponents to trash them. Hardly anyone cited positively, meaning, most of his subject disagrees with him. Does that sound scientific, or didactic?*

There is no equality in religious protection.

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  8. self
  9. self
  10. self
  11. self

Referencing was invented to avoid that manner of lying. It’s an appeal to self-authority.
He isn’t an intellectual, he’s good with empty rhetoric and refuses to admit science has limits and is prone to human error.

nb* Didactic as in lecturing, from behind a lectern. Sermonic.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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