The Anti-White Narrative


Genocide if it happens in Tibet, genocide in Europe too.

There’s evidence for a black genocide too, with taxpayer-funded abortion. However, that is slightly different to the white situation, since we don’t have a homeland like blacks have Africa and the Caribbean.

It’s an oppressive social construct that denies freedom of association and the racial right to one’s homeland and self-determination.

They try to deny this and the import of borders, but they still want to kick the whites out of Africa.


The response?


It’s a special brand of retarded that quotes Disney lyrics about genocide and the right of conquest, to disprove genocide and invasion, called mass immigration.

If the white people shouldn’t be in America, and we came earlier, having the better claim, and made more of it (civilization) then black people have no excuse. It would be tempting to leave America to the so-called ‘Natives’ and see how many years until it becomes a dystopic Detroit without white patrons.

Can I just talk for a moment about the animism in that bloody song? Even philosophy thinks it’s retarded, since their question is non-life, but animism posits that everything is life- therefore, logically, nothing is alive. As in, if you bashed a human’s head in with a rock, it wouldn’t be murder, because there’s no such thing as non-life and a corpse is no different than the living being, oh, and the rock is alive too. The animism came, not from any wisdom, but because they did drugs, like their worthless descendants. It’s noble savage theory, truly, noble druggy in rags.

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