‘Racism’ the reason mixed race are crazy


If there’s about as much proof for your theory as demonic possession, how can you call it a science?

I would love proof for that, btw.

This meta-analysis is the first to focus specifically on racism and health across a range of populations, national contexts and health outcomes.

There’s a reason they don’t usually collect this data. Or keep it behind a paywall in Figure 4b.

this is awkward

This meta-analysis indicates that racism is significantly related to poorer health, with the relationship being stronger for poor mental health and weaker for poor physical health. After adjusting for publication bias, the correlation with poor mental health remained twice as large as the correlation for poor physical health, with results for general health (unspecified as mental or physical health/mental and physical health combined) falling in-between.

The stronger association between racism and mental health outcomes, compared with physical health, raises questions about the mechanisms by which racism affects health.

omg why no facepalm god ugh wut

These fucking people. Wood for the trees, I tell ya.

Well, you compare the blacks in America (foreign) to the blacks in Africa (native) and see if it’s cultural.

If not, biology. But they never consider that possibility. Biological outcome, must be evil Whitey!

Despite how black schoolchildren perform better in a class of majority whites. So much so, whites are bussed into heavily-black areas to boost the black’s test scores but also depress the white to close the gap.

They don’t actually mention racial profile in this, which is curious, don’t you think?
They certainly had the data but it’s buried. They mention geography instead.

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear…

Maybe they just counted them as the non-white population, as one big chocolate blob, that would make sense.

physical outcomes such as CVD and obesity.

wait, is the racism ghost responsible for their gluttony now?
the spectre of brown obesity! because you don’t ever see Indians fat on ghee in their own country, do you?

dysregulation of cognitive-affective regions such as the prefrontal cortex, anterior cingulate cortex, amygdala and thalamus share similarities with pathways leading to anxiety, depression and psychosis





Born this way. All culture. K.

It is not immediately clear why associations between racism and some negative mental health outcomes were stronger in studies published more recently (from 2006) or in non-U.S. studies.

There are more mixed children. It’s a sample point. There are more to study, more disease to find.

Most of the Millennial mental health trends going down the toilet are non-white.


Far in excess of what you’d expect for their numbers. It’s almost like mashing together two genomes that evolved separately is like a psychiatric powderkeg, but no…

Race is so unreal they can physically study it.

No such thing, but depression overdiagnosis is totally real, ignore the HBD.

Facts are racist unless you blame racism.

Correlation is not causation.


You can get self-report attitude surveys to match up to anything. People are easy to bias on those. It’s called priming effects.

Our findings corroborate previous research findings as to the magnitude of associations between racism and mental health

either whitey leaves and takes their tax money with him
or the people with the problem leave and liberate themselves
pick one

the law of unintended consequences in racial studies
segregation is proven or at least suggested by findings

This study is the most comprehensive meta-analysis on racism and health to date, providing information on the state of play in this rapidly growing field.

I can’t wait.

drinking tea judging you glaring staring really now come on arnold broadwalk empire

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