Where did negative blood evolve from?

Funny article but a good question.


Yes, Europeans Iz Alienz.  Take me to your Trump.

Evolution accounts for mutations, not aliens.

It could be an HBD thing, looks like a race thing.

It does make it harder for whites to bear non-white children successfully.

I haven’t seen IQ data compared with blood types but if anyone wants to hmu with those deets…

update: speciation the word I meant

a method


In the last 20 years there has been increasing evidence that blood groups have a function and play a biological role. This biological role often does not relate to the red cell, but to the presence of chemical moieties on other cells that were initially identified as a red cell antigen. Antigens first identified on RBCs, are now known to be important as receptors and ligands for bacteria, parasites and immunological important proteins (e.g. those associated with movement of normal and malignant cells throughout the body)[6][7]. There is an established association between blood groups and cancers, peptic ulcer, coagulation disorders, Bleeding Disorders, Clotting Disorders, Infections, and renal diseases.[8]

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