Data drive: Psychopaths don’t have high IQ

They’re lying, idiot.
Narcissism is illusory superiority, delusions of grandeur.

“Narcissists and, to a lesser extent, psychopaths exhibited self-enhancement on two objectively scored indexes” – Paulhus and Williams, below.

How can you be dumb enough to believe a compulsive liar’s self-report?

I can’t believe I had to make a whole post on something this absurd.

A theme that could be applied to this blog: smug

They are not superheroes. They are not good people.

“Psychopathy is characterised by a distinct cluster of interpersonal (e.g. deceitfulness and manipulation), affective (e.g. lack of empathy, remorse or guilt), and behavioural (e.g. irresponsibility and impulsivity) characteristics (Hare, 1996).” from 1st study link.

They are nothing to look up to. They are worms.

Comment: Psychopaths may have a special knowledge about how to manipulate humanity, but their IQ has been found to be below average. Andrew Lobaczewski, author of Political Ponerology writes,

The average intelligence of the psychopath, especially if measured via commonly used tests, is somewhat lower than that of normal people, albeit similarly variegated. Despite the wide variety of intelligence and interests, this group does not contain examples of the highest intelligence, nor do we find technical or craftsmanship talents among them.Take a wild guess who might of spread the idea that psychopaths have high IQs. source

Or if you want a study before you talk shit;

Results indicated no significant direct relationship between primary or secondary psychopathy… and intelligence.

those scoring higher on psychopathy but with lower intelligence portray the expected emotional responses to the affective stimuli (primary: β = −.56, p < .05; secondary: β = .80, p <.001). These findings indicate abnormal reactivity to emotional stimuli in lower intelligence, higher psychopathic individuals, and suggest differing roles for the two facets of psychopathy in affective responsiveness deviations.

They’re more emotional. Because anger (spite, vindictiveness, sadism) still counts.

Psychopaths command more press then their less cunning, weaker-stomached cohorts. But are they brainy, calculating sordid executioners or simply unapologetic criminals with brain abnormalities previously mistaken for genius?

Dexter isn’t real. Reading all this pro-Dark Triad shit makes me channel him.


The ultimate joke of Dexter is that a psychopath could have a sense of humour.
I feel this irony was missed.

It’s like believing in Disney Princesses, grow up.

But unlike the fictional psychopath superpowers beget by Hollywood, I assumed that nonfiction psychopaths are genuinely above average intelligence as portrayed on screen, a widespread assertion based on Hervey Cleckley’s 1941 benchmark study and subsequently published results entitled “The Mask of Sanity.

But in recent years the assumed relation between high I.Q. and psychopaths has been countered with evidence suggesting otherwise. According to the Journal of Personality Disorder (August 2005), a Swedish study well disputes Cleckley’s findings after thorough analysis of institutionalized clinical psychopath and non-psychopath males. This new data concluded that high intelligence in psychopaths simply predicted an earlier start in offenses and enhanced destructive potential but that intellectual acumen and psychopathology are not necessarily correlated.

not even a correlation!

fanboys put down your Bateman business cases

In other words, intellectual psychopaths indulge their dark side earlier and are more deviant than average psychopaths, who are just, well, average.

even the brainy ones use it to act dumb
No impulse control isn’t sexy, you don’t want something in common with a toddler.

The IQ data is suppressed because it relates to black versus white crime data.

Click to access jrp.02.pdf

Link expires, paper title “The Dark Triad of personality: Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy” by Paulhus and Williams.

“The measures were moderately inter-correlated, but certainly were not equivalent.”

The Dark Triad is distinct, it isn’t one big blob.

Click to access 0912f50757f4860706000000.pdf

Yeah, let’s revere these guys. Sounds prosocial.
This one splits by race too, so no, you can’t explain white greatness with psychopathy.

The mean PCL: SV score was 2.67 (SD = 3.50) for the total sample, 3.53 (SD = 3.79) for males, 2.16 (SD = 3.23) for females, 1.70 (SD = 2.80) for whites, 3.86 (SD = 4.06) for AfricanAmericans

Am I the only one who did the reading rdj tony stark

Always yes, apparently.

Screech reeee all you like, self-styled redpills.

Table 1 is pretty funny too, not that these guys throwing pure opinion at me (ree!ing) would understand it. Since they’re the same guys throwing shade because they don’t understand IQ constructs by sex, I don’t have to explain it, do I…?


it’s a good thing they’re genetic suicides and they’ll never find a woman to breed with them anyway, because they make me fear for the future of the species

so to reiterate, white people aren’t psychopathic, stop claiming it and fyi that’s such an SJW thing to say

Blame Cleckley for the Sexy Psychopath Trope.
Ironically the ‘intelligence’ he claimed was female or feminine in nature- emotional and verbal aka the same type these guys believing in the trope will claim doesn’t count for standard IQ studies because it benefits women.

Here’s one on women before you claim sexism. Science doesn’t care.

cool nothing shocks me scientist indiana jones calm haha amused

women with greater psychopathy traits (total PCL-R score) had lower IQ scores.

There’s your real red pill. Shove it.

Where’s your BS claims to evolution and greatness now?

Would it kill you to do one single Google search before humiliating yourselves?

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