High Castle s3, textbook SJW entryism

As soon as they get a sniff of success, they’re in there.


“When asked what she’d hope for in a season 3 for The Man in the High Castle, actress Bella Heathcote, who plays Joe Blake’s love interest in season 2, says, “I’d want my character to find a way to be a feminist under the regime, try and change the regime from within. That would be a great way to go.”

I knew there was a reason I took an immediate dislike to her. I thought she was gonna be his sister and he’d have to shoot her for being a degenerate and raping him or something. But no, that would be a true use of the material…
Something dead in the eyes, like a doll, some morally hollowed glassy expression typical in the vacuous bimbo brigade.

Apparently not much acting was required. That whole plot was boring and futile.

There weren’t even fun young Nazis. I was promised fun young Nazis.
Instead we got blond degenerates doing LSD in a serial killer cabin.

That’s literally the opposite of the point of the whole show.
The reason for its success is being 180 from that shit. It’s like a media palette cleanser.

omg why no facepalm god ugh wut

How can you feminist an alternate universe of Nazis?

Just…. HOW.

Is she retarded? The French for slow?

Did the bad dye job chemicals neurotox the brain or has it wasted away thanks to the obvious anorexia of Miss Berliner Bobblehead 1962? She looks too 21st century, get Diane Kruger on the line. Jessica Stam would be perf. Jane Seymour is better looking now and has more dignity in her little finger for the project than personal politics.

I also want a mention for Sienna Guillory, who actually likes SF/F and doesn’t try to change it.

The Nazis were actually very fair in their handling of women, same guys who were big on the environment and animal rights, giving women generally whatever they needed in support of their prosocial goals. There’s the keyword – if you want state/socialist money, it needs to be prosocial for the nation.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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