‘I refuse to believe you’re actually female’

a woman! with opinions!



we all know there are no women on the internet, unless you mean porn?

Redpill tactics in one gif

toast tone:



someone shared a post of mine to a normie news site and they got into a bitchfit about this
you act like that’s, like, my problem

it’s a vague tits or gtfo
isn’t it


this is why we go anon people
this is why the hoodies and the masks
hiding secondary characteristics of sex
you’d think all the bitching and snark would at least qualify me as homosexual
no they’ll happily listen to a gay man’s opinion of good women, rather than an actual woman
people with no experience or skin in the game, let’s take advice from them
sure they’re plugging books but they have our best interests at heart
it’s so transparent
few men know the first thing about make-up and fashion
like, few people in this century can actually read
they skim but they don’t understand me

what do they imply with the appeal to incredulity?
something to do with having a logical point under all the humour
therefore, not female

I don’t have to prove myself to strangers on the internet, and this disturbs them. Furthermore, I refuse to use my sexuality in service of a point. I start on everyone if they’re acting stupid.

My whole style is one of effortless deflection. Look at this, compare/contrast to that. It appears like wholesale rejection to normalfags.

think about this:-

the so-called ‘redpills’ won’t touch me, i dunno what to feel
I was here before them, it’s been in the banner since two-thousand and fucking TEN

they can’t outsignal me as ‘edgelord supreme’ and it triggers them to balls
they come here to read me, tho

and i love you random citizen

I see you on my traffic, fag, WP logs IP addresses.

anyway, the likes of

>dailystormer avoids me
>as does the guardian set
literally the only blog that openly questions both

Doesn’t that seem strange to anyone? I’m not blankly signalling here. It’s a fact. I’m listed in very, very few places. My affiliation is questionable at best. Doesn’t that sound odd, given the online media climate? #defineme Considering the network concentration of blogs?
like, the returnofkings set is scared of me, they just ignore me totally now
well, okay, not without reason on that one bad example
Roosh’s ego has been K/O since the dox, it’s a poor analogy
nothing to do with me

but you can tell a lot about a person by who hates them so much they are ignored
attention is a form of approval, they infight with their online boyfriends constantly for ad traffic
meanwhile I’m here, sniping at everyone and nobody fights back
no face, no name, no advertisements (use adblocker, adblocker game strong)
the medium is the message etc etc.

and they seriously think I give a single solid gold shit that somebody questions the reality of biological sex?

oh noes someone disapproved of me
my fragile ego and esteem is destroyed for eva
whateva will I do
maybe knit feminist vulvas

reputation is based on what you stand for
not looking good while doing it


either it’s true or it’s not
quit the cult of personality business, it’s snake oil supplements with juice bro

if that’s your level, fine

but i have a higher design here as you can tell by the fact i keep being right about stuff
over time
so fine
insult me all you like
Nobody important will believe you. If I had to prove myself to anyone, it would be in the content. I won’t qualify myself on matters of identity.
that won’t alter reality
the internet is not your safe space

if you really need to do it for you ego, bro

happy bateman

i’m dangerous bc i don’t give a shit
i’ll destroy all your sacred idols and dance in the rubble

don’t have a cow, man

or i’ll come for it and make milkshakes

well fuck off gary oldman

it’s so funny to me that people take a deliberately shitty hobby as blogging seriously

there is a real life beyond this

we’re the political tumblr
with better taste in deviancy

5 responses to “‘I refuse to believe you’re actually female’

  1. While i could point out you are mad that they are mad, I’m not usually an ass like that. You have a right to vent on your own blog. Bit take it from me, one and done. I used to believe if two wrongs don’t make a right, try three. But like crossed eyes, I got stuck that way. I mostly agree with what you’re saying. Pat on the back to you.

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