Vice doesn’t understand kids nowadays

This is impressively bad.


This isn’t even wrong.

i don't even whatever

Like, is this black ops?

What if the perception is true or proven? huh?

They are literally trying to explain humour to the humourless.

What goes round comes around like a choo choo of bad decisions

So many words, so few thoughts.

I do posts of varying lengths and tag extensively. Choose what you like.

Needs more GIFs, frankly. To be frank. In all frankness.

What happens to people who suddenly land a windfall

You don’t get to, like, define us.
You’re culturally irrelevant, GTFO.

Additionally, the movement is in and of itself a semi-self-aware meme that seems to only exist within the safe, anonymous spaces of the internet.

public, also private


What to do when the "intellectuals" hit reality like a brick wall? Laugh, I guess

They found the memes, guys. We should be scared.
They may, possibly, disapprove. SHUT IT DOWN.

Just as memes tend to be cringey and ineffective when taken offline, one of the alt-right’s most publicized IRL events, the “DeploraBall” was widely regarded as a colossal shit-show due to the physical and ideological infighting.


That wasn’t us. Those were people cosplaying us.
Why would we court MSM attention when you’re irrelevant?


To say nothing of the libel and life-ruining, thanks to SJW monster mobs.

Shit-posting for keks

Yes. Yes, that’s exactly it. Start on WOW. It’s all them.

darker machinations often lay beneath the group’s claims of simply wanting to troll SJWs.

an anonymous disparate group with public, stated united goals?


Pictured: our literal motivation. We’re the punks of the internet.

Gary Oldman speaks to me on a spiritual level

You can’t kill bored apathy.
We’re making burgers of your sacred cow.

We’ve put together a field guide of some phrases and memes white supremacists share with one another so that, if you happen across one in the wild, you’ll be able tell whether your old college friend, Gary, is simply a fan of 11th-century history or secretly wishes to eradicate all non-whites.

Think of it like a gameshow where anyone too stupid to wise up to redpill will die a financial death and it becomes tolerable.

All the Mean Girls GIFs.

obsessed with me mean girls regina george

Let them keep punching paper tigers.
This is gonna be funny.

I haz plans, ma mans.

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