White feminist oppressed by black man

Choosing between their pets, priceless.
The way the guy handles it, so smooth.


Anti-man or anti-white, can’t be both, love.

He’s woke on HBD crime hatefacts. He’s right, Obama could’ve helped Black America but he fucked them over the worst. Still they voted the prestigious law grad in twice.

It’s all about class.


It’s always the rich people protesting. The poor people gotta work.

Those gloves cost more than his entire outfit, and they look like Nazi gloves.
The Nazis wore gloves, you know.

It’s all about the shekels.

She actually tries to gaslight him, a black person and a man.
“This is absurd, this is ridiculous.” No it’s called respecting another human’s opinion. What a cunt. The Botox must’ve bled into her brain.

Why should anyone listen to these people when they’re been ignoring us for years?


We’re not listening to them anymore.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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