Comic: The Left’s cognitive dissonance on sexuality and trans


Credit: Liberal Trendies

Did I say cognitive dissonance? That deeps it means insanity.

Also, ‘you shouldn’t use transsexual, that means something different’, until you talk about it negatively for scientific reasons, then it’s suddenly synonymous with transgender and other groups…. And also, ‘absolutely nothing to do with sexuality’, ignore …The Facts.


12 responses to “Comic: The Left’s cognitive dissonance on sexuality and trans

    • My blog would be a great place for you both to start.

      Transsexualism is not a sexuality. The picture makes no sense. Nor do we actually know if you’re born with it or if it develops as you grow. It’s theorised to be something you’re born with, but again, the evidence isn’t there to support the theory yet.

      The difference between transgender and transsexual is that the former is an umbrella term. The latter is a specific medical condition. The umbrella term applies to all gender non conforming crap from gender fluidity to non binary. Whereas transsexual refers to those who have undergone gender transition as a result of gender dysphoria – gender dysphoria being not only the name of the actual condition in some countries. But also the sense of discomfort ones feels.

      Feel free to ask any questions. I’m always happy to help.

      • That’s funny cos in the medical books I’ve read transsexualism refers to the surgery born hermaphrodites get to select a single cosmetic sex for presentation, and transgenderism is a psychiatric condition listed in the DSM and ICD as things like dysphoria, next to the eating disorders. But, sure, you can try and correct a funny comic…. that I didn’t even make.

      • No. I did correct it. Transsexualism in the ICD 10 code f64.0 – you can look it up – is not a sexuality. It does not refer to “hermaphrodites” – who much prefer to be called intersex.

        What it refers to is being updated in the ICD 11. They’re calling it Gender Incongruence. It’s just gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria as it was updated in the most recent dsm under a different name.

        Try not to be so smug when you know so little. Or read my blog 😉

      • I know more than you, that’s why I’m smug and you’re begging for traffic from my blog. Transsexual surgery is for people who have both, to present as one. If you ask a surgeon. Or many, like I have.

      • No. No it isn’t. Surgery for transsexuals is called genital reassignment, sex reassignment or gender affirmation surgery in some places. It’s the changing of one set of genitals to mimick the appearance of another.

        A surgeon will not tell you this and you can look up the definition of transsexual yourself really simply. Its defined here:!/F64.0

        The smugness is really pathetic when you’re being this retarded.

    • The DSM, the ICD listings for the condition, the APA discussions prior to releasing an edition (should be online esp their website) and research on autogynephilia (the main group) and internalized homophobia (the other group, desperate to be straight so they think changing their sex is a way out, and a way back into filial affections, really sad actually).

      • Lmao what? Autogynephilia is described as “academic whimsy” by gender specialists. It isn’t in any of the latest and most up to date literature regarding trans people at all. Neither is “internalised homophobia”

        Are you reading text books from the 70s? Seriously. Your ideas are no longer given any merit by expert and specialists in the field.

      • Suicide rates actually decrease given treatment – they’re only high because of social factors. I’ve written about this on my blog in the trans section. You’re seriously need to hit it up, you’re madly misinformed.

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