Anonymous outs pedophiles of the dark net

Ah, the real thing.

“Anonymous took down child porn sites on the dark web, they also took down many scam sites. Freedom Hosting was the target of Anonymous that said that 50% of over 10,000 sites were child porn.”

You can tell the real Anonymous because they have a sense of humour and don’t bloviate until after something is done.
Where do they get them?
“Social services, adoption services.”
Rotherham was one of many.
“Word. This is the only conspiracy I’ve ever seen get censored on the internet. There has been a lot of crazy stuff that has flown around, for some reason this topic is the unique one.”
“It’s time for Trump to declare war on child sex trafficking in this country. Force the entire House & Senate to back it…and watch who tries to refuse.”
Slavery. It’s the classic model.
Start with Michael Jackson. Yeah, the whole file, you know he had peepholes and secret cameras, currently rotting in Hell.

One response to “Anonymous outs pedophiles of the dark net

  1. Excuse me, but most kids the pedos use and abuse, often torture to death, come over the border from Mexico, for the US. The slave trade is strong there and here, and their PRI looks the other way because it controls the Native American and moreno (black) population. If either makes trouble, the children disappear, often taken by the police. And, our DNC calls it a low-priority issue. Under the last president, it hit a now low, 90 bucks for a person. That down from several thousands because W fought slavery. Under the Clintons, it average 101 per person, down from over a thousand under old man bush and Reagan. When pedophilia was legal, no child was safe. A century ago, If a child were kidnapped, the child was assumed dead. Yet, the DNC wants it legalized because that’s who pays the best ‘donations’ to them.

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