Empathy is not a moral system


Emotional appeal fallacy as a moral paradigm. Similar to openness.
“In fact this is the heart of the shitlib’s post hoc rationalization endeavor; to summarily declare empathy to be a form of morality itself, and not merely a sentiment or subjective emotional state with no more weight than other emotional states. To be empathic is to be morally good, and to lack empathy is to be dysfunctional and evil.”
Empathy can make someone quite ruthless, see borderlines, histrionics, narcissists and other social abusers.
Knowing what someone is like and what they need isn’t the same as being sweet, kind or a pushover.
Kindness is not weakness.

Be nice! they cry, when that simply isn’t an option with people who want to murder you.

fake smile laughing wait what wut eh huh be normal dexter

and the other problems presented by the real job TM of leadership

because feels is not a reason to do anything

even children feel the need for some excuse

scholars have no business directing soldiers

I guess the logical position (minus the non sequitur) is

feels without agreement

Post-Kant, we all know feelings can be wrong. 
They deny this.
Your feelings can be illusory. Based on lies.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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