Disney manages to jew itself


We knew it was going to be crap when she was cast.
The charisma of a rotting mop.


Who says they only care about money?

I really hope this is like the Target boycott,

They’re doubling down and it might ruin them.


What sexual propaganda does is prime children, this is a form of grooming. Sexuality has no place in a kid’s film. Anyone’s sexuality. I wonder how much money they’ve just lost announcing that so happily. I’d guess it’s at least 15-20 minutes of the runtime, based on that arrogance. A whole sub-plot. I’d rather they replace Watson with Tubby in the gaudy yellow dress, would be more amusing. Most people who have kids, don’t let them stay up past watershed to avoid this very nonsense. I’m guessing more ticket sales will be adults playing on nostalgia fiddles.

Meanwhile, in old France, anything like that would’ve earned you a rope, at least for harassment.
It’s a myth that French people are gay, cheats, sure, but with the opposite sex. Just look at all the Le Pen support and marches over the years.

Meanwhile, who wants to tell these parents Lolita is a pedophile fetish?


One response to “Disney manages to jew itself

  1. It’s a myth French people aren’t gay? Would you care to tell me why France legalized blood donations from gay men?

    Besides, white people wanted this. And the Jews saw what the whites liked and promoted and so tossed them a few mediums. A Serbian Film was not made by a Jew. Marquis de Sade was not a Jew. Michel Foucault was not a Jew.

    Remember: this is Disney AFTER Soros. White people love gay rights. That’s why you’re more likely to go to jail over homophobia than racism.

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