Swedes abandon the country they ruined

Don’t let them go. Based on what they voted for (aka this), force them to live among the joyous diversity they foisted on their kinsmen.


Why should white countries take them in when it’s clear they’re dysgenic cancer? They’ll call for the same policies that made their own a third-world hellhole and raped their own people? It’s the white equivalent of the dopey Muslim, an apostate that’d be thrown off a building preaching religion of peace.

Never import people from a country you wouldn’t want to live in. Basically, only import neighbours or at least limit to your continent, evolution happens for a reason.

Why does nobody just stay and fix it? – the K.

There is nowhere left to run. White people been running at least half a century. White Flight is over.

Bloody r-types have nowhere to migrate to. The money is gone. The rats have nowhere to build another nest, that’s why the in-fighting. They’re competing for the first time ever as the gears grind to a slow halt.

They voted for it. They wanted to invite the third world and those people brought it with them. They should be forced to stay and suck up the consequences of their actions, like adults.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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