Your kids

Little Emperor Syndrome is genetic. I never met a brat without brat parents.

Great point, but reverence for marriage itself is what we’re aiming at. It isn’t about any individual being ‘happ-y’, like every divorcee ever crows, humans aren’t like dogs, happiness doesn’t happen – it’s a useful excuse to do whatever they want in the moment, usually swinging, the true origin of hookup culture. Liberals started acting like everything was all ‘for the children’ the moment they wanted access to the neophyte brains of the conservative’s children. A behaviourist once said ‘give me the boy at 7 and I’ll give you the man’. You give a liberal your kids from 3-18… and they’re a drooling moron.

Once the ‘consenting adults’ excuse to morality doesn’t apply, they have NOTHING.

3 responses to “Your kids

  1. I cannot tell you how significant my little girl is to the path my life has taken. She is probably the most important and precious gift I was ever given. Her Mom and I have been married for 26 years. Without honoring marriage and the vows we made, we would have left each other long before the 12 year old came around.

    I am no thrill to live with, but she is no cup of tea, either.

    Had the 12 year old not come at that time, after a horribly depressing miscarriage, I am quite confident that I would be divorced and on a road to total ruin. As of today, I am almost the opposite of that.

    Am I happy?


    I gave up on that years ago. But I am content and I do still find many times of enjoyment. So, yeah… I guess.

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