Schindler’s List is in the fiction section, people

Owing to the resurgence of the same stories, I’d like to point out a few things.

Small opener to this well-known photo, since a picture can tell a thousand lies.
You can look up the aerial details elsewhere.

“Since when was history proven through a novel?”

Mass Effect real, confirmed.

The false dichotomy reminds me of superhero films. You have the Hero team (entirely Jews, it seems, in all these movies, despite how the first inmates were political prisoners aka ethnic Germans) and the Villain team, complete with the same ‘scary’ outfits when it makes literally no sense. It’s like wearing goth boots to the beach. There were many designs and re-designs of the Nazi uniforms over the years like any country with divisions and changing executives. Those outfits were barely used. Yet we see SS uniforms when it’s completely factually wrong because… it’s stylish? Because it’s, as Spielberg called it, a ‘sexual evil‘? WTF is that? It sounds like black comedy. Fiction is no documentary.

The strangest thing I’ve ever read about the Holocaust, which was taken as fact and never allowed to be questioned by anybody, was that a man claimed to survive fatal gas. As in, no oxygen, like the others in the room, and no brain damage, miraculously. Does he have non-human lungs? Did he close his gills? How many times, did this man claim to survive the gas chamber method? No less than six. Six times. Tell me, if you take the worst view of Germans imaginable, and say that, yes, these were death camps, intended solely for execution, would they not have shot him in the head after the first time? Buried him alive? Hanged him? No? Is this not common sense to anyone else? German efficiency. It is not America.

There is one woman who claimed to survive practically everything and live with Anne Frank. Frank was in the medical facility (Auschwitz-Birkenau, which took the very old and very young, and had the most active hospital [1]). Frank also died of typhus, not gas. Ironically, the gas would’ve killed the typhus.
They’re still rolling these people out, new stories like a grislier Anastasia, even though it’s starting to look frankly absurd given the ages they must have been, to be present.

Nowadays, there are probably only a handful of Nazis in the world. And a horde of swastika fags, clutching their false notions of superiority as something you’re born than something you do.

1 Yes the people supposedly going around murdering everyone employed doctors to keep them alive. Reality bites.

“ST. LAURENT – As an 11 year-old boy held captive at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during World War II, Moshe Peer was sent to the gas chamber at least six times. Each time he survived, watching with horror as many of the women and children gassed with him collapsed and died. To this day, Peer doesn’t know how he was able to survive. “Maybe children resist better, I don’t know,” he said in an interview last week.”
“The room fell silent as Olsson told of witnessing firsthand the horror of the “death factories” created by the Nazis. She told stories of German soldiers being ordered to shoot babies in their mother’s arms-killing both mother and child-to not waste two bullets. She spoke of seeing the Angel of Death-Dr. Josef Mengele-and the hospital where he experimented on young Jewish children by infecting them with diseases such as tuberculosis.”

Do you really think they’d let anyone see these things, secret things, ‘war crimes’ [2] committed by the people who didn’t connect Hitler to this in any one document… and let her live?

2 No such thing at the time, really.

I was told to watch the film and a couple of others by a Holocaust professor to ‘get a feel for what it must’ve been like’ so they definitely know what they’re pushing. Even putting it in black and white makes it seem more authentic, like WW footage. We associate B/W filming with truth.

If you were Spielberg, and you knew you were ripping people off on the facts of the matter, ignoring the possible extent of the ruse (this was prior to the Internet’s success, you had to trek to the library and order things in), would you include a cheeky wink and nod to this deception? Would you include an Easter Egg for historians?

Or maybe an entire scene?

Where’s the scam?

You’ve been staring right at it.

Fun fact: The devastating Ralph Fiennes later got an Oscar nomination for playing a Jewish Holocaust camp survivor. Way to play both sides, almost admire it.

Update: To trigger some people who don’t use their eyes, remember the woman who played Helen? No?

The character that created a thousand lesbians.

6 responses to “Schindler’s List is in the fiction section, people

  1. What I do’nt get is how anyone can travel through war zones with gold and why did he have it with him when leaving if he did’nt steal it

  2. With the censorship at Amazon recently of any books that question the official story, one wonders what is to be feared if others investigate and conduct research on this issue of the holocaust.

  3. Equally, Solzhenitsyn’s ‘Gulag Archipelago’ was based on fiction. His stories of 60 million Russians killed by the regime was based on no evidence at all. He wrote that the GPU knocked on his door late at night and asked him to pack clothes instead of breaking down the doors and taking him with the clothes on his back.

    Equally, Russians having freezing water dumped on them in -20C weather is considered morally just because they were filthy Commies. The Russian women raped by the Wehrmacht due to the long standing hatred between Slavs and Germanics was never talked about.

    Equally, the real survival rates of German POWs in Soviet camps was never talked about, with more of them surviving compared to the Russians trapped in POW camps.

    Equally, the Poles lumped in with Jews to be killed in the death camps were never considered. Or the Ukrainians sent to work camps, which were /supposedly/ better than the death camps.

    Equally, no one questions how National Socialism manages to become un-Jewed when socialism is a Jewish concept, unless it never was and all these socialist movements didn’t come from Jews but non-Jews.

    Equally, the 20 million dead Russians is never talked about, because they raped dem German woman by the millions, including 2-year-old girls, based on Goebbels’ propaganda. Because we can trust German official stats on the death camps, but not the Soviets on the gulag because Reasons.

    Yes, we know Schindler’s List is fiction. I never understood why Jewish names had to be censored when it was meant to be a celebration of their life. But Solzhenitsyn’s ‘Gulag Archipelago’ was taken seriously, because the West was enthralled and terrified by the Evil Empire and would do anything to learn about it. Even though Solzhenitsyn made it all up. Even though his wife still lies in public. Even though Solzhenitsyn preached for nuclear war: ‘Just you wait, scum! They’ll drop another Truman on you!’ A translation which, oddly, never made it to the West.

    Just a reminder that if you want to be skeptical on one genocide, you have to be skeptical of all of them. That includes YOUR government’s denial of their death camps where the Boers were put. Or the crimes you did against the Irish. But we’re civil and not bitchy like Jews, so we’ll let it slide.

    For now. The Germans may have employed doctors for Jews but they didn’t have them for the Russians. Why? Russians are filth. Untermenschen. The German efficiency can turn to cruelty if they want it to be. They are also dogmatic to consensus as to be ignorant of common sense.

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