Eurozone finance MP redpills South for degeneracy

They have a lazy culture, it’s entirely true. Before Americans wanted to retire at 55 and live to 100, Greeks got there first. Pretty sure they invented dotage, but it used to be reward for military service. You know, actually giving to your country. Few people ever got it, certainly not for breathing for a protracted amount of time.

Most people don’t deserve to retire and most of my generation (Y) will work until we drop dead. If you’re alive and fit enough to go on cruises, to swinging parties and on skiing trips, you can earn your crust. It’s a good thing for society, to encourage value. Otherwise, ageism, treating the elderly like babies in need of dependence. They’re so good? OK, no sitting on laurels for you, especially when they form a voting bloc and finagle illegal money from the young.

It may be Second Childhood but you have decades of warning to compound savings.

I’ll have you know those prostitutes were not cheap.


Just look at pure productivity, hours worked per week by country.

No Union is possible between those margins. You could drop a baby in there and kill it.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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