Pornography as weaponized degeneracy

It’s at least a supernormal stimuli, deeply unhealthy.


“Porno is basically Behavior Modification and Control 101. Control people’s sex drive (through porno) and you control their lives.”

Meanwhile, men who fornicate lie.

52% of men say they don’t benefit from women having access to free contraception

Okay, ban all of it. Including abortion, The Pill, implants and the patch.

One response to “Pornography as weaponized degeneracy

  1. Misread the link as “wankingtime”.

    Our lives are full of superstimuli now. From iPads (to toddlers), to junk food, to Instagram/Facebook. One more, one less.

    Funny thing is, porn was enabled by abortion (through bodily autonomy argument) and curb on social shaming (in favour of consent). “It’s her body, it’s her decision, it’s a consensual act, get lost”. Another favour from feminists to the ladies.

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