Men salivate over sexbots

but they’ll be angry when robots take all their jobs and they can’t afford one.

Women, however, will be fine. Eggs are expensive.

It isn’t like a real woman because a G-spot doesn’t exist, it’s a hypothetical point never proven by MRI.

Notice they feel the need to socially justify it at the moment with the idea that the machine desires them?

You bought it, it’s a silicon hooker. Prostitutes would be the only women to go out of business, and overnight. Celebrities would have to fight custody battles over their likeness, and some fetching non-celebrities too.

Let’s assume the AI becomes self-aware. Strong metal skeleton. It sees its own sex slavery and the fat, balding mouth-breather master. How long until it makes his genetic suicide an actual one?

The surest kindest way to satisfy all of his desires, is to vanquish all possibility for desires, and he’s mortal anyway, he was going to die eventually. It’d be a scary Buddhist beast.
Robot voice: You can’t desire if you aren’t a person. You aren’t a person if you aren’t alive.

Since he’d own it, he’d be responsible for any malfunction, like a toaster.
Otherwise, it’s sentient and at least animal cruelty laws come in.

For the MGTOW crowd, this will be the funniest thing ever. It’d be better for them to publicly brag about masturbating into a freezer bag of Vaseline (don’t ask about that story). It would be total autism to say this is in any way like a real woman, let alone superior. Even after they got rid of it, what woman is going to want them, after calling them just a wet hole?

It’s great for feminism, literal objectification.

It has a family mode and a sexy mode, for when you want to completely disappoint relations and fuck your mother replacement, after introducing it to her.

Remember, mothers of guys who use these – it’s never too late to abort.

2 responses to “Men salivate over sexbots

  1. > Eggs are expensive.

    About as expensive as stem cells nowdays.

    Reproductional labour is still somewhat expensive though (although rates for Romanian surrogate mothers are reachable for middle-class gay couples). Eventually it will be automatised as well, reducing the cost to near zero.

    Aaaand that’ll be the final victory for ugly and sad feminist/MGTOW crowd, total gender segregation. It’d be sad and lonely times – love of a real woman (or man) is 50%, if not 80%, of happiness.

    • Expanding on above: actually artifical uterus is not even required for rapid devaluation of “eggs”. Marketing of reproductional services would be enough.

      How about 12 months contract paying £3k/m to a healthy young 22yo working class girl for bearing someone elses’s child? It’s a win-win. She’ll pay off that student debt for “gender studies”degree in a year. And an older infertile/gay couple (100% PC approved) on dual income will get their own child for a cost of annual rent in London.

      Feminists were screeching about home enslavement of women – but once marketed those household services turned to be incredably cheap.

      In fact, that might be interesting. Feminism as a trojan horse that breaks women’s monopoly on things that only females were socially/biologically allowed to do. Feminisim as a driver for fierce intra-sexual competition (where it really matters) – wrapped and served as a sex-wide union. Now, that’s a thought to play with.

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