The voodoo of Kek claims another
Is this what happens when you trigger them?
This has Russia written all over it.
I don’t care who wins. Doesn’t change the fury of the French does it?

They should set a timer until riots and terror attacks.

Thankfully, the French police are woke enough to back Le Pen. She’ll get in eventually.

It’s like Donald’s betrayal. Sure, you were the Chosen One, to anyone dumb enough to believe hype.

His daughter is Chosen People, eventually he was going to shill for Israel. You really can’t expect anything less.

One response to “The voodoo of Kek claims another

  1. Shilling for Israel will be the least of it. Mark my words. Trump will be The Hammer that installs hate crime laws for antisemitism. His presidency will turn back what few “rights” we have.

    Trump’s presidency will set the stage for the jew POTUS, who will be deemed the savior.

    Too much? Then tell me how I’ve gotten this thing right so far when virtually everyone else got it wrong.

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