21st century economics are making Millennials infertile


Old but 24K gold.

You must be financially established i.e. independent but Statism eats the young.

Death-o-nomics. Good book title, someone write it!

The problem of finding a suitable mate, issues with pair-bonding and the immigrant competition aside, honest K-types are priced out of the market. You must go on welfare to ‘afford’ children, they have become the ultimate luxury item.

How many are ready for/can afford marriage, let alone children, before 30?

The people who deliberately have kids outside of wedlock are despicable, from a purely child psych perspective, they’re disabling their own stock in many ways.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence this comes from Keynesian economics. He was homosexual, he didn’t have one child. Supposedly, he detested ‘breeders’ and wanted to punish us with his theory.

Pandas don’t reproduce when they’re depressed with the world.

Consider that.

2 responses to “21st century economics are making Millennials infertile

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  2. > How many are ready for/can afford marriage, let alone children, before 30?

    I dunno. Most Eastern Europeans? No massive welfare state there and the countries are quite poor, yet our youths marry in their early 20s. We did, just a decade ago. It was The Norm.

    There were no guarantees, and there ae still none. It was the leap of faith + muddle through, and we did extremely well. But that Leap of Faith is still possible in our societies because men and women cooperate. There are no “fake what she/he wants to see to grab what YOU need and run away” strategies (because – yes, shame). PUAs are pathetic losers that are not men enough to attract the girls with their real selfs, and sluts are despicable pieces of meat to be avoided.

    The Boomers ruined it for you, riding the wave of individualism and the sexual revolution. Rewarding Bad Boys with sex while taking Good Boys to the cleaners? With behavior like that, what were you condition men for, exactly?

    As for kids, they do not require massive resources. Modern Western lifestyles do. Kids just need mum and dad, and that’s enough for them to be happy.

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