Germany pretends to tip K

I expect a full K-tilt based on the feigned version.

It isn’t what you think, it’s weaponized against the citizenry and doubling down on propaganda efforts.

It’s wink-wink nudge-nudge.

It means nothing.

The single accurate line:

“Immigrants cannot be regulated by a majority culture.”

Yes, they lack the IQ from inbreeding with their cousins.

The comments are priceless on this stuff.

“only one thing uncucks Germans – poverty”

You can’t take taxes from people who don’t work and dodge it with welfare. They’re crunch and crush the Germans to pay for this. The natives always pay, in every way.

One response to “Germany pretends to tip K

  1. we natives always do. And when the invaders get powerful enough, we become the servant class, or lesser beings. Take a lesson from Native Americans, Polynesians, and others. You’ll never be a real part of your country again.

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