Link: Evolution isn’t what you think it is

“Of all the problems facing western society, there is one question that I suspect will come to determine the answer to many of the rest. Will the West find a way to continue to have children, or will it not?
There is no escaping this question, because it is the one that evolution has ordained for us. Creatures that successfully reproduce replace those that do not. Traits that encourage reproductive success get selected for, regardless of what you personally think of them.
Most people do not really comprehend this at a deep level, because they have odd and distorted ideas about what evolution is.
In the popular conception, evolution is something that serves to make creatures awesome. It is effectively nature’s version of the Apple R&D department.”

I like this blog, this is a good blog.

One response to “Link: Evolution isn’t what you think it is

  1. Nietzsche said that the natural outcome of religion is atheism. He also said atheists would destroy atheism. That the last European would starve to death before his fireplace trying to think of a way to have pleasure all alone. He did miss one point, most people will reject atheism and continue to marry and create families. Arrogance is destroying the West. The idea only ‘I’ have the right to a life is gaining power, just as it did in other, now dead cultures. Yes, Westerners will continue to have children. Not all of us fell for the flower power soylent green scam.

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