One response to “Song: Sound of Social Justice

  1. Unfortunately, liberalism/progressivism in academics is partially responsible for this situation. I guess the old saying, “be careful what you wish for,” is apropos. The list of contributing factors is probably pretty long though. What is also unnerving is the history revisionism happening in NOLA and elsewhere. All symptoms of the same sickness. Next thing you know, remembrances of the holocaust will be destroyed. But this is happening globally, not just with American SJW. Since Soros is helping fund these folks, it’s obviously part of a much large NWO/globalist plan to deconstruct nations and national sovereignty. It’s also happening in religion with the interfaith movement. It’s also happening with the humanism movement; what it means to be human, with the interface of AI and the mixing of human DNA with AI and animals. That’s also why gender is being deconstructed.
    The first cause? Read the bible. It’s all there and prophesied.

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