“What is Neoreaction?”


Liberalism exploits the ingrouping, warm, cuddling feel of the cheerleader effect.

“Liberalism succeeds because it creates fanaticism. The thought of what “should be” swells people with a sense of purpose, which appeals to the vast majority of humans who are — since we are speaking frankly — evolutionarily unfit for anything but subsistence living. Left to their own devices, they ferment the potatoes and eat the seed corn, then exist in perpetual alternation between apathy and starvation. Never forget our glorious simian heritage and the fact that most humans want to return to that state if they can.”

The natural slaves need someone to follow, to feel virtuous and signal it.

Their dream has largely died through trial.

Globalism/multiculturalism/socialism/progressivism etc. have crumbled.

We need a dream. Arguably a combination of traditionalism and the Alt Right creates this image.

1950s Advert America isn’t gonna cut it either, that was a post-war boom, never to occur again.

Single-use cheat codes aren’t the stable basis for a society.

Propaganda is never long tirades about how you’re an idiot for voting.

It isn’t sneering at the majority who make revolutions, the working class.

It’s an image, it’s a meme.

Restore Western Civ.

Maybe not in the exact same form, we want to keep our tech (inc. social) but the principles, politics and peoples.


1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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