“Asians age really well”

Alternate title: Asian women age the best.

Spoken by someone who has never seen elderly Asian women.

Not to be mean, but they age worse. So much worse.
Go to a beach or look up photos of elderly Asian women on the beach if you dare.

Bikini shots if ya got em.

then there’s this ridiculous propaganda that a 49-year old can look like a 19-year old


pull the other one

this applies somewhat, deceptive considering the amount of makeup and surgery, but yes menopause is the ticker

also, nada about Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Afghanis etc etc.

AKA most of the Asians

Recently seen a trend for Greeks and Indians. Imagine how hairy the kids omg…

Ah, this one’s familiar. The public sour expression as they tolerate the beta males because they want half-white babies. They rarely see it but everyone else does, usually as a flicker when he speaks.

When they discuss how white women age, they always go for the anorexic ones.

Not to mention bad shots of makeup, close-up, when non-whites are at a distance with better make-up.


User ‘Black is beautiful’ asks: Why do white women age in dog years?
No bias, I’m sure.
No jealousy, certainly.
Try starting a thread asking why non-white women are so morbidly obese, even when vegetarian. That should be fun.

2 responses to ““Asians age really well”

  1. Bad eating habits, bad post-birth self-care – all too often. Once their fast metabolism (main reason for slimness) washes away with hormonal changes – they’re out of the game.

    Been raised next to Chinese and Japanese (as a white man), saw them closely – never was able to understand yellow fever here in the West. If you can’t attract decent white women, the obvious second choice would be Latinas. But Asians? Really? They are not even submissive, or loyal, it’s a myth. They just don’t try to confront you on your bullshit, allowing you to go all the way into “death of relationships” territory. They’ll still hate you for that, as any other woman will be.

    They’re much more relaxed about sex though. That’s probably the Beta magnet.

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