Video: MSNBC invades Kekistan

There were no survivors.

How will the AR ever recover? They cracked our code! They Know! Shut it down!
I’ve seen my work on MSM TV so many times now and it never gets old.
There is no limit to the stupidity these illiterate Boomers will believe.
They manage to twist it into something ever more ridiculous than what I passed on.
Next up, skypes and skittles. Maybe google-shaming.
pictures of frogs = dangerous cult
killing people = religion of peace
Not one mentioned it’s similar to MENA flags but you can bet viewers noticed.
Anything I can do to make the MSM news-viewers WAKEUP.jpeg
Maybe the Open Borders for Israel or White Sharia. It’s time.
The Rule of Buzzfeed: Outrage shares outnumber agreement shares and reach a wider audience. Use this. Praise kek. We need a prophet, actually… maybe something Dumbledore-based.
Steal the left’s memes and they actually listen to you. It’s useful to get their guard-dogs running round in circles trying to ‘explain’ /pol/ to people who still use AOL. Cuckolding their memes into something ‘evil’ makes them start doubting one another’s loyalties too, a la the Fashy Rainbow Flag.
If the Left keep going round with a chip on their shoulder, someone, someday, is gonna knock it off.
See: The Lion for how that goes.
The Left’s lie of equality is one gigantic Just World Fallacy. Except a just world would punish the anti-social.
The academic reaction to the Industrial suffrage from subsistence farming was Romanticism and with that respectable hypersexuality it’s been downhill ever since. The academics had about double the lifespan of the working class in that century and needed to increase numbers – cucking one another did this nicely.

Onto the American Orange…

You keep the spiders alive to kill the flies. Muslims number billions, Jews millions plus a vast military budget, a longstanding grudge and diplomatic immunity because Holocaust narrative. Otherwise, the Moslem hordes become the Jew’s first-line weapon. As for Trump himself, I wonder how long until (((someone))) bombs Mecca. Like, they stole that rock in the first place, what are they gonna do? The ‘religion’ has one gigantic weakness in a small radius in the era of nuclear warfare. You could end the war on terror in a day because Allah would never allow that to happen. Everyone knows nukes were invented by the Jews so you have a deliciously thick layer of irony icing there.

Trump is distancing himself from his converted children and betting on the Aryan to replace him and continue his line.
At present, the Left rely on emotional contagion. All their outrage is based on foisting their guilt onto Straight White Male. They want to make us angry, or appear angry.
The Right’s ultimate, supreme reaction is apathy. What can they do? Nothing.

Heh was depicted as a frog…”
If it fits….

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